Chargers notes and quotes from Denver

The San Diego Chargers entered the game 3-0 on the road, including the preseason, and left with a loss. It was the fifth straight win by the Broncos over the Chargers (and the ninth in the last 10 games) in Denver. The Chargers have lost 21-of-23 when trailing after one quarter under Marty Schottenheimer.

  • The Chargers defense could not generate any semblance of a pass rush. Preseason sack leader Shaun Phillips did not come anywhere near the quarterback this week and his teammates were just as unsuccessful.

    "These starters are bigger and stronger and come to play every week," Phillips said.

    Of the fourth and nine play that resulted in a touchdown pass from Jake Plummer to Ashley Lelie, "I felt like I got held on that play," Phillips said.

    Looking back on the game tape, it appeared that Phillips was mauled. It also appeared that Dave Ball was held on the other side of the line during the same play.

    The Bolts, as a whole, truly lacked a pass rushing presence. With time to throw, Jake Plummer picked them apart. He tossed the rock for 294 yards, completing 19 passes to wide receivers and tight ends.

    The one sack the Chargers nabbed had a 15 yard face mark penalty attached to it.

  • Kassim Osgood turned into the goat when he was called for a roughing the kicker call, just prior to the Broncos big fourth down completion.

    "I just barely caught his leg," said Osgood. "You can't leave your feet going at the feet of the punter, and I've got to know that. I was just trying to make a big play after I got busted wide open. I didn't miss the ball by that much; if my hands were a little lower, I would have got it.

    "Unfortunately, it became a game-changer. I was just trying to come up with the big play. When I was going at the punter, I was thinking, ‘Don't hit him.' I turned to avoid him, but he landed on top of me. It was a good call."

    That play was one of the turning points in the game as Osgood alluded to.

    "We had a block called," Schottenheimer defended. "It was 4th and 10. We felt we had an opportunity to block it. We ended up roughing the guy and they ultimately scored."

  • Drew Brees had one catch for 38 yards. He ended up two yards shy of being the team's leading receiver. In the first half, Brees was the team's leading receiver. He had just 16 passing yards and factoring in a nine yard sack that total dwindled down to seven total passing yards.

  • LaDainian Tomlinson has not scored a touchdown in Denver. His rushing totals per year are: 60 on Sunday, 29 in 2003, 48 in 2002, and 75 in 2001. Eight carries and 29 yards were the lowest totals of his career. His first seven attempts on Sunday netted just eight yards. His next run went ten yards and the following went 16. He ended the half with 53 and his last ten carries netted him just seven yards.

    "They took our running game away," Schottenheimer said. "They are one of the top ranked rushing defenses in football."

    "You have to contain him for sixty minutes." Mike Shanahan said at halftime. Denver did just that.

  • Sammy Davis was beat three times on the Broncos first scoring drive. He was in man coverage and could not stay with Rod Smith and Darius Watts on crossing routes. He was then toasted on a fake crossing route for a touchdown. He was continually picked on and did not rise up to the challenge on Sunday.

    When Quentin Jammer told Union Tribune reporters that he was not getting targeted, he wasn't kidding. Jammer was targeted for a touchdown but they rarely went to his side of the field. Jammer, coincidentally, mentioned he was pushed in the back on the play but had to live with the way it was called. He was clearly not happy.

  • Jerry Wilson called a timeout with under a minute to go in the half – after a first down by Denver, Luckily it did not come back to bite the Chargers.

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