Chargers depth chart juggled

It wasn't much of a surprise. After a terrible outing by Drew Brees on Sunday, some sort of change needed to happen. Marty Schottenheimer had mentioned he would not bring in Philip Rivers until he elevated him to the number two spot on the depth chart. Chalk that formality up as accomplished.

It began as a non-committal approach.

"It is possible we will make a change," Schottenheimer began in his Monday press conference. "If we do something, it will be Philip."

Schottenheimer hinted at elevating Philip Rivers from the number three spot on the depth chart to the number two spot. It is a possible precursor to the benching of quarterback Drew Brees.

Schottenheimer talked about giving Rivers practice snaps, as the major reason such a move would be made. He further commented that he would discuss the move with Doug Flutie – as early as today if such a decision were finalized.

And it was. The official word came down that Rivers was in fact elevated to the number two spot on the depth chart.

Prior to training camp, the prognosis had been Rivers would begin the season behind center. A lengthy holdout made that impossible. Now just three weeks into the season, Rivers will be moved up the depth chart – a day after Brees had his second straight poor performance on the football field.

Over the pas two weeks, Brees has passed for just eight first half yards in both games combined. For a team that must relieve pressure from LaDainian Tomlinson, particularly early, those numbers represent a poor case for his continued support.

"There has been evidence of inconsistency," Schottenheimer said. "That goes with the territory, the position.

"He clean missed a couple of throws."

After the game on Sunday, several players were on the edge of calling out Brees, without naming names or being upfront about it. The veterans looked at missed opportunities – and the blame lay largely with Brees.

Rivers has been tabbed as the future of the franchise. His selection in the first round of the 2004 draft named him so.

Now it appears Rivers is in the line of ascension. How soon his name becomes etched in as the starter will depend on Brees from here on out. With two home games in a row, it is not out of the realm of possibility to see Rivers toting the rock against Jacksonville. Again, it all depends on Brees.

Lightning quicks:

DeQuincy Scott sprained a knee during the game on Sunday but continued to play through the pain. He will be further evaluated this week but it is not expected to keep him out.

Eric Parker sprained his neck and Schottenheimer did not think it was anything serious.

"He did not play well yesterday," Schottenheimer said of cornerback Sammy Davis. "The matter has been addressed. He needs to play better. I discussed it with him."

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