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Hey everyone! Welcome to the first installment of this season's mailbox. I've been getting quite a few letters, so thank you all for that. So without further ado, on to the letters!

Doc, if the Chiefs didn't have Priest Holmes, you couldn't name one other gamebreaker/difference maker on their football squad. This is a VERY bad football team, whose past success and a single superstar disguise the smell. Their current receivers, Gonzalez excepted, couldn't start for the Dolphins, ferchrissake...and their defense is bad...so they rehired the guy they fired for making it that way, to fix it.

I don't say the Lions are a top ten team, but they DO have some difference makers, with Harrington sporting a gaudy 93.2 QB rating, Roy Williams looking like the real deal, and Kevin Jones upgrading the running game...as well as a defense that's holding opponents to 16.5 points a game.

One more thing, Doc...Jacksonville 7, Denver 6...this means that based on actual, real life observation, Jacksonville is better than Denver. Honest.


Jim, I'm totally with you. With a few exceptions of course!

The Lions are not quite a top ten team as the Eagles showed us on Sunday. They've got a ton of talent, especially on the offensive side. But there‚s still plenty of learning how to win to do. But under Steve Mariucci, they've got a shot.

The Jags are much better than advertised and I had them as a sleeper team this year mainly due to their aggressive defense and punishing front four. But they've only scored 35 points in their three wins this year combined. They've got two impressive road wins so far. They are where the Lions could be next season.

As for the Chiefs, I don't know how many picked this team to be a Super Bowl contender. Dick Vermeil and Carl Peterson did nothing but change the defensive coordinator for the league's worst defense last season. They can't get into a scoring match in the NFL. That kind of philosophy doesn't even work in BASKETBALL. Just ask Paul Westhead and Loyola-Marymount.

What exactly does your quote about the Chargers have to do with anything? The result (a loss) is the same with or without the ticket guarantee. Are you saying that if the ticket guarantee was in effect the Chargers would have won that game? How did you come up with that?


My comment was mainly addressing those around America's Finest City who whined and moaned about not seeing the Chargers‚ home opener on TV that Sunday. The only way that the ticket guarantee would have help the Chargers that Sunday was if they allowed the fans to suit up and plug the holes on defense. They sure weren't going to stop Curtis Martin with their 11 men on the field, they might as well have tried 40,000!

I would really like your response to this question! In today's sports world how many teams would continue in their faith of a coach with a 7 & 18 record? Every team goes through tough times but enough is enough. Having been a fan since the Fouts era, I don't want to hear about being a fair weather fan OK. I am just sick and tired of seeing this happen to my Chargers!!!!!!!!! MARTY SUCKS.

Bob Vessells

Bob, you're not alone. Believe me. The majority of the mail I got this week and much of last year was a version of "Schottenheimer must go." I was stunned that he was allowed to return this season. This team has not shown anything but a propensity to run the same five offensive plays over and over. Denver stacked the line nine men deep and just dared the Chargers to throw the ball. Yet Schottenheimer and offensive coordinator Cam Cameron ran the ball right into the teeth of that defense each and every time.

This team is simply not good enough along the offensive line to go toe to toe against any defensive front. It's just Schottenheimer trying to pound square pegs into round holes. When it doesn't work the first time, he stops pounding the pegs with his hands and starts using his head.

Yes, your comment regarding Deion Sanders is on the mark; what an egotistical waste of a heartbeat. I meet three friends every year for a game in a different city. This year was the Steelers at Baltimore. Umm, costume malfunction, I hardly think so. Ask the local fans that I sat with what they thought they wanted his head on a platter. His only two plays worth mentioning, an obvious interference call against him that was a no-call; he practically took the receivers head off a half second before the ball got there, and the ever unpopular runback which cost his team great field position via his need for the camera to see his mug after a decent run-back.

Michael P Bonner
Emmaus, PA

Deion Sanders has always been about one thing, himself. If he were really serious about helping a team out, he would have returned to Baltimore during Spring camp, worked out with his teammates throughout the preseason, and gotten himself in better shape. Instead, he waited until Preseason was just about over and the two-a-days were done and gave us some song and dance about how he spoke to Michael Jordan before coming back to play.

He's THE example of what is wrong with professional athletes today. More flash than substance, more ego than heart. There‚'s no "I" in team Deion, but there's two in "idiot".

Dear Dr.
Our Arizona Cardinals are sick. They came to Arizona for their health but after 16 years, the dry air doesn't seem to be doing them any good. We desperately need your advice. They seem to have been going in circles since they arrived here in town. What would a highly respected DR like yourself advise our Cardinals to do? Please write us a prescription ASAP as they seem to be getting worse. Thank You.

A Cards fan

Dear Cards Fan,
If I were in Arizona and had that Cardinal team, I'd do what most other Arizona citizens have done. I'd be a Cowboy fan.

Dr. J

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