Air Craft in Blue and Gold

I am not going to talk about the Denver game. I swear I won't do it. Nope. Not at all; well maybe just a little; really, this is about offense and has been for years running. As we saw in the Denver game, our offense sucks if you can not get Ladanian Tomlinson off to a good start. Lets be honest, if LT got off to a fast start and did not have eight to nine guys facing him on each handoff the tell of this tale would have been different.

The Chargers had their opportunities to win this game. Denver did not blow them out as they usually do. The play of the quarterback and the offensive play calling was dismal at best. You can put all the blame on Brees or as Schottenheimer says you call the plays that suit your offense. Well if this offense is going to win the game then they either need to start Philip Rivers at quarterback, get a new offensive coordinator, or both.

The title of the story should proclaim the true nature of this story.

Could you imagine Air Craft (Tom Craft of San Diego State for those not in the know) in blue and gold? He is a proven winner wherever he goes.

If I were to change coaches I would definitely keep Wade Phillips. I think he has the defense headed in the right direction and is only one or two players away from a top ten defensive team. The offense, however, is a different story.

Cam Cameron is not getting it done and neither is Marty Ball. Brees proved at Purdue he is a shotgun passer and when giving crossing routes and curl routes he can be productive. Brees, however, won't be the quarterback much longer.

Air Craft would be the perfect offense for Rivers. His wide receivers are quick and get open. Let's not blame them for the losses this season. They have been there. They don't over throw and under throw themselves. Do they miss run routes at times, yes, they do, but when there is no one around you and the ball sails ten yards over your head – unless you're Superman you're not catching that ball.

Tom Craft has been a proven winner at every level he has coached and I think his attacking style of offense would only benefit a club with no offensive power but their running back. Would this take LT out of the game? No, look at Michael Franklin. He averages a 100 yards per game as it is now. If anything it will open up more running lanes because of the quick hitches and routes that Craft's offense puts out. Multiple sets to confuse defenses: two tight ends, no tight ends, four and five receiver sets. It could even help this offensive line. It would definitely bring excitement back to Charger blue.

Craft would be a marvelous choice for either head coach or offensive coordinator for this team. Do I think it will happen, no, but I think Air Craft in blue and gold would turn this team around quicker then Marty ball.

I said this when we hired Marty and I say it to this day, the Chargers need to quit recycling coaches at the end of their career or who do not have an aggressive attitude. They need to get a young, hungry coach with a few veteran coaches around them and attack. I like Craft, Phillips, Houck and Lofton -- after that, the Chargers need help. You have a good core of coaches now; you just need an attacking offensive coordinator and a Head Coach that is not afraid to put that plan in motion.

Bring back the old days of balls flying around in San Diego, your want fans at the game, give them something they want to see. If not, look for another long year or more of excuses and could haves and another poor attendance record for the San Diego Chargers.

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