History says...

If every Sunday was last Sunday we would not have just spent 40 million dollars on a new quarterback. Did it take Philip Rivers being elevated to number two to push Drew Brees to be a more accurate passer last Sunday? Or was it the offensive line finally gave him some time and held their blocks long enough for Brees to make his reads?

It really does not matter at this point. Philip Rivers will play at sometime this year. I can't imagine that the Chargers spent all that money for him to sit on the sideline and hold a clipboard. Don't get me wrong, I love Drew Brees. I have been one of his biggest supporters but it is too little to late. Face it Brees will be in either Black and Silver with Norv Turner, Quarterback Hungry Miami, or maybe even Green Bay where he could excel in the pass happy offense that Green Bay consists of. Wherever he ends up, I have a strong feeling that Brees will succeed and be the quarterback that the Chargers had been looking for.

Brees had a great game on Sunday. Everyone knows he can be accurate; the only problem is he is so inconsistent it makes you hard to root for the guy week in and week out. He is missing passes that a 3rd year quarterback should be making; you can put some of the blame on a inexperienced offensive line and unknown wide receivers but when you have receivers wide open down the middle of the field and you overthrow them there is no excuse.

Rivers is known as a more accurate passer, he is taller and can see more of the field. His downside is experience. Brees can, however, help out Rivers if he is as inconsistent as he has been, looking good one week and falling apart the next does not a quarterback make. The only foreseeable way I see Brees retaining his job all year is if he continues to play like he did on Sunday and history says that won't happen.

He has a tendency to fall apart after he plays a very good game. Example you say:

Houston, Brees was right on the money and continually drove the team down field; he had no interceptions and spread the ball around. Now go back a few weeks to the Jets game. Yes, San Diego only lost by six points but Brees again was inconsistent, no touchdowns in the first quarter, missed wide open receivers and he turned the ball over. You can blame some of that on pressure but not all of it.

Now go back two weeks to Denver. The Broncos took LaDainian Tomlinson out of the game and gave Brees the opportunity to beat them and what did he show? Seven yards of passing in the first half. Again, there was pressure, however, Brees had his opportunities and overthrew his wide open receivers. The only good thing to say about the offense was that Denver did not play that much better. Inconsistency has been Brees' downfall and unless he turns last week into a positive and builds off it look for more of the same. His history points to it; let's hope like all good storytellers he can rewrite the book of Brees.

Now here is why I see hope. One name comes to mind. Matt Hassleback, he had to be the worst quarterback a few years ago. He was so bad the Seahawks signed Trent Dilfer to back him up. Trent even took over the starting job, then Hassleback had one very good game and after that he has become more consistent and one of the better quarterbacks in the league. His talent at wide receiver has gotten better with him, his offensive line is not the best (Walter Jones aside), but his quarterback play opened up the running game for Shaun Alexander, which further opened up the passing game.

This is what I am hoping for. This is what I would like to see Drew Brees become. I know he won't be wearing Charger Blue and Gold after this year but I am still going to root for the guy (unless he plays for the Raiders). I just hope history does not repeat itself against Jacksonville, I hope the Brees of last week shows up to play, if not look for Rivers sooner rather then later and look for Brees to be number three on the depth chart.

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