Season not over yet

Curb your enthusiasm is a show on HBO and relates directly to the San Diego Chargers season. All the cliches fit...'Hold your horses.' 'It aint over until the fat lady sings.' And perhaps no one is a better wordsmith than the Bolts head coach.

The Chargers, at 3-2, are feeling good about themselves. Predictably, coach Marty Schottenheimer is trying to reel in that unbridled enthusiasm.

"We got a lot to do," Schottenheimer said.

OK, but it's hard to fault the Chargers for a few cartwheels here and there. The team hasn't made the playoffs or had a winning season in eight years. It won but four games last year.

But Schottenheimer is upset with a few things. In particular, a pass defense which is ranked No. 30.

"On the defensive side of it, the coverage thing is not a matter of skill, it's a matter of some of these young guys understanding on an every down basis exactly what it is the needed to do, Schottenheimer said. "Exactly what it is they have to do to make sure, within the framework of the defense. You have a certain element and you are going to take care of it and if they do something else, then somebody else is going to take care of that. That is the thing right now we are fussing with on the defensive side."

Schottenheimer is also grumpy over the team's tackling. But at least he can address these issues with the Chargers a game over .500 in the season's second month as they head for Atlanta and Carolina.

"All and all, we are 3-2, but we're not going to get too ahead ourselves because we've got considerable work to do, and we've got two tough ball games coming up on the road," he said.

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