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Thanks again to everyone who wrote in, yeah, I guess that means you too Raider fans.

I‘m just puzzled with the Chargers Dr. J!
One day they get dominated another day they just dominate and look unbeatable, and I don't know whether to get excited or just wait for the second half of the season to see them fall apart? By your expert opinion, which I think is among the best in football, will they make the playoffs this year, why or why not?

Jack from San Diego

The Chargers have got to be one of the biggest surprises in the league thus far. They're getting almost no contribution from the wide receivers on offense, they have five new starters along the offensive line that includes two rookies, and they have revamped a defense that was one of the worst in football. And yet, here they are with their first winning streak in two years and sitting at 3-2 in the suddenly fading AFC West. What was once viewed as a brutal schedule at the beginning of the year now looks a little favorable. The Chargers over the next ten weeks are looking at games at Atlanta, Carolina, Oakland, Kansas City, and Cleveland and home games with New Orleans, Oakland, Denver, and Tampa Bay along with a bye week. If the Padres can come from the bottom to near the top of the West, why can't the Chargers? I wouldn't go looking for playoff tickets just yet, but one can hope!

If the Lions beat the Packers this week, they can go 6-5 the rest of the year, and Green Bay has to go 10-0...win ALL their games...to pass Detroit, in the standings.

With Minnesota looking like twelve wins are in the bag...and maybe more...Green Bay's entire season could end in Detroit this weekend...and the Lions are 4-2 against the Packers at Ford Field, over the last 6 meetings.

You just get the feeling there's a whole lotta Lions' fans in locker rooms around the league.

If the Packers aren't desperate already, they should be. That defense has already given up an average of 28.4 points a game over five weeks, the worst in the league. Brett Favre‚s decisions have been questionable at times and Ahman Green has been held under 70 yards rushing for the last 3 games. It could be a tough season in Milwaukee if the defense continues on this treacherous path.

Dear Doc,
I know that this is usually a football column, but I know that you're a sports fan because you make a lot of references to other sports in your columns. But who do you think will win the World Series this year? My money's on the Yankees, (I know, I know, an unimaginative pick).

Well Darren, since I‚m writing this after Game Two in the Bronx, it looks like your money has been well spent. The Red Sox were my pick to win the AL pennant this season, namely because of the addition of Curt Schilling to their rotation, but once again, it looks like the Curse has reared its ugly head. Schilling might be out for the rest of the playoffs and Pedro Martinez couldn't‚t get the Yankees out of his head.

My money is still on the Cardinals because of that lineup. They can handle any rotation remaining in the playoffs and have just enough pitching. A Red Sox-Cards series would be great to watch, but I wouldn't‚t mind seeing George Steinbrenner chewing on his pinstripes as the Cardinals hoist the World Series trophy in Busch Stadium after beating the Yankees in five.

What‚s going to happen with our Lakers this year? I mean, the big man is in Miami and Kobe Bryant got his wish and is now The Man in LA. Can he pull a Jordan and win with this team?

James in Los Angeles

You know, I was in big favor of picking Kobe over Shaq, mainly because O'Neal lack of conditioning, lack of improvement on the free throw line, and apparent lack of interest in basketball really wore on me as a Laker fan over the last four years.

But now as the reports of Bryant's raging ego running wild now without any way to check him. I'm afraid the Lakers made a big mistake putting their money behind this horse. See Tracy McGrady during his Orlando days or Allen Iverson, Philadelphia to get a possible glimpse at the Lakers future.

I don't know how the hell you can put the Raiders in the bottom of the league. They've got a future Pro Bowler in Robert Gallery, they've got some young talent on offense and defense. Can the Chargers say the same thing? It's okay, we'll be there again in our home away from home to show you who the better team really is.
Oaktown Baby!

Sigh, those who know are football fans, those who don't know are Raider fans.

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