Give me some "O"

We have all heard enough about the trade, yes both teams got a great deal. As we all know, the Chargers got LaDainian Tomlinson and Atlanta got Mike Vick. Vick is a great quarterback for his team and LT is the best back. It could have turned out differently where we could have been looking for a running back instead of a quarterback in the draft. What's done is done, let's move on.<br><br> I want to talk about something more important than LT vs. Vick.

Let's talk about our offensive line vs. the defense of the Atlanta Falcons, otherwise known as the number one rush defense in the league.

This is going to be another test for the offensive unit this week. Will they continue to play physical? Will they be able to open up some holes for LT to scoot through? Will they be able to protect Brees in passing situations?

The O-Line needs to be physical at the point of attack and cannot let up from the time of the snap until the whistle blows. They showed the last two weeks they can be physical and they need to keep it up. They need to drive defenders back and open up running lanes for LaDainian Tomlinson and Jesse Chatman (when he spells LT). They need to hook up defenders and keep them away from Brees when he is passing the ball. They have another big test with a solid defensive front and two big tackles and a couple of sack masters on the ends.

They are not a playoff team yet but they are playing playoff caliber football. The biggest impact is the O-Line playing well as a unit. Toniu Fonoti is road grading defensive lineman. Shane Olivea is physical and attacking defenses as a rookie. Mike Goff and Roman Oben are using their veteran savvy and bringing this young line together. They are playing like they have been together and need to continue to play this way as a single unit.

It is also time for a receiver other than Antonio Gates to step up. Osgood is finally getting his chance to be a starter and he needs to show the right choice was made. Two catches for 31 yards are just not going to cut it. He needs to show he can be the type of receiver that can make the plays he made in college on the pro level.

Anyone who has read my articles knows how much I like this kid. I have said many times he has the size and ability to be as good as some of the best in the business. He practiced with Randy Moss in the off-season and it is now time to show that he learned some tricks of the trade. He needs to step up this week to take some of the pressure of Gates and LT and give Brees another receiving threat.

Another receiver who needs to get more involved is Caldwell. Caldwell has shown flashes this year of breaking out of his slump he has had since he was drafted in 2002. He has 17 catches for 301 yards which are career highs. He needs to continue on the route he has taken. He also needs to be more consistent in games and get more physical coming off the lines. Teams are going to start putting their best coverage players on Gates and LT coming out of the backfield and the receivers will need to step up and make some catches to show we have more hands then our TE and our running back.

This team can do it. Many did not even have the Chargers winning three games this year, many had them at 0-5 to start the season some at 1-4, and the Chargers have instead thrived off this publicity and need to continue to use that to motivate them.

This is another test this week. I have a strong feeling we will prevail in Atlanta. I look forward to how good this team is going to be and I am proud of how good this team has become. I think I speak for all Charger fans when I say this offense, this defense; this team makes us proud for how hard they are playing. Just continue to give us some "O" and we will keep rocking the "Q".

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