No time to go shh!

<i>‘Cause it's time for you to take a stand. Shout it, shout it, shout it out loud.'</i><br><br> The Georgia Dome was rocking on Sunday. The San Diego Chargers had spent 45 minutes silencing the crowd but the fourth quarter brought the fans out of <u>Buckhead</u> and the Chargers were quieted.<br><br> <i>‘You need not wonder why. There's no time left for you.'</i><br><br>

Fans are fickle. They were booing Michael Vick and his constituents just an hour before as the Falcons headed into halftime.

"I hear them, but that's just the crowd wanting some excitement," Vick said. "They want us to make the big plays and when it is not happening, you are going to hear boos."

They didn't stay quiet for long.

It was a combination of factors that ultimately led to the Chargers dropping to 3-3. From penalties to drops, Michael Vick to play calls, but perhaps the most important factor to the game became the Atlanta crowd and the lack of timeouts down the stretch.

The first timeout the Chargers called was on third and ten with a minute to go in the third quarter.

The Bolts came out of the huddle and Brees connected on a pass to LaDainian Tomlinson for 17 yards. But it was brought back because of a penalty on Kassim Osgood – a questionable holding call.

They would not convert the second time around as Tomlinson gained three yards up the middle. After punting to Atlanta, Michael Vick connected with Peerless Price.

Suddenly the surge of the crowd could be heard from Standing Peachtree.

"It's very difficult when the fans are in the middle of this thing," Chargers coach Marty Schottenheimer said. "It's hard to hear."

Seconds later, Vick ran the ball in from 14 yards out to make the score 17-14 Chargers.

The Zero Milepost sign was beginning to shake with excitement.

On the Chargers next drive they faced a third and 15 with twelve minutes and ten seconds to go in the fourth quarter. Timeout number two – Chargers. They got nowhere fast. Brees had to try to get as many yards as he could with his legs. That was to the tune of four yards. San Diego punted.

Three plays later, the Falcons had the lead, 21-17.

The crowd was suddenly rocking and the Railroad Depot was shaking like a Universal Studios ride.

"They played to the crowd and they got the momentum going," tight end Antonio Gates said.

Were the Chargers surprised at the voice of the crowd?

"No, not at all, not at all," claimed Schottenheimer. "We just didn't manage it as well as I would have hoped. Now you would manage it better if you get the lead. It wasn't really that loud when we were up 17-7. Now, what happened was they got the big play and it ignited the crowd when they scored. And of course they came back, and they scored again, and then we countered and we kicked the field goal. But no, we knew exactly how loud it was going to be."

The Chargers did close to within one as Schottenheimer alluded to but took their final timeout on that drive. They faced a third and three at the Falcons 11 yard line and motioned the "T". When they came back on the field with six minutes and nine seconds to go, they were greeted by an incomplete to Gates.

Atlanta used up every possible second as they came to the huddle. One first down later and the clock had ticked down to four and a half minutes. By the time they had snapped the ball after the next first down, the clock was down to three minutes. One more first down and the Falcons were down to the two minute warning. After some calculation, they needed to just kneel on the ball and victory was theirs.

"We ran into some situations where we couldn't hear," Schottenheimer explained of using all the timeouts. "And you know, you have to put yourself in the position where you can execute the play at hand, and we were able to do that.

"But we ultimately came up without any in the end. And frankly, we didn't stop them, as it were, and I'm not sure how much difference those time outs would have made then. But it was just a matter of our inability to hear."

"Obviously, we had been able to save one or two along the way, maybe we give ourselves a chance there at the end," said quarterback Drew Brees who blew all three timeouts. "That's what you encounter when you play in a place like this and the crowd noise gets going."

Lyrics, in the order they appear, are from the songs ‘Shout It Out Loud' as performed by Kiss and ‘No Time' as performed by The Guess Who

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