Chargers want to run through Carolina

<i>‘Goin to Carolina in my mind'</i><br><br> While San Diegans watch their beloved Chargers travel to the east coast, they do so with visions of grandeur. Welcoming them back after a victory on Halloween against the Raiders will be the reward.

The Panthers came into last week's game ranked 31st against the rush but came out spirited and limited the Eagles to 81 yards rushing. It was the only time this year that they have kept the opposition to under 100 yards in a game.

Enter the Chargers.

The Bolts have averaged 130.7 rushing yards per game and it has led to them holding the fifth best scoring offense in the league.

The game plan is obvious. Get LaDainian Tomlinson the ball and try to bury the Panthers. The addition of two receivers – plan on both playing – adds to the scoring dimension.

"They are very physical on offense," Carolina coach John Fox said. "They have a good running attack. Drew Brees is very efficient on offense."

Brees may have added weapons for the first time this year. Considering they are fifth in points per game already, this could be the boost that allows them to win the close games.

Last week they lost by one point, due to a variety of mental errors. They had plenty of chances to end the game but could not come through.

The memory of the loss in Atlanta still weighs on the minds of several players.

"We've been in every game we played and last week we know we gave that game away," linebacker Randall Godfrey said.

"After you lose, you can't wait to redeem yourself the next week," linebacker Donnie Edwards added.

But they can't get bogged down with worrying about the week that has past. It is a clean slate and although Carolina is 1-4, they are still the defending NFL Champions.

"I told our football team, you can take the game that took place last week and throw it out," Marty Schottenheimer said. "If you have an inclination to look back you are probably going to stumble over what is right in front of you."

There has been talk of taking the next three games but as they fly east, the Chargers focus must be narrow. They have a game on Sunday in Charlotte against the Panthers. Looking past that is certain doom.

One thing that the Chargers don't think will be an issue is the team flying cross-country twice in the span of ten days. They left San Diego on Friday and will be snug and cozy on Saturday in their hotel room.

Coach Schottenheimer believes using the changing of time zones is an excuse and he doesn't care for it.

"I have never felt it was a big issue," he said. "Game time out there is 10 o'clock. We are well into our day. We start at 7 o'clock in the morning so it is not like timing is an issue.

"Travel is certainly something you have to look at and the hydration and all but I don't think it is an issue that has an affect on the outcome of a football game."

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