Chargers win is no big deal, yet

The San Diego Chargers have a one game winning streak. That's it. Nothing special about it at all. Now should they continue the winning, then, perhaps, we will have something. And the players believe they can get on that roll.

Strange that the Chargers would want to roll when a football bounces or hops but rarely rolls.

After a win on the road in Carolina, the Chargers are eager for more.

"It was a huge win for the team," quarterback Drew Brees said. "This is the time of year you want to make a run."

No one is placing a number on the amount of wins but they see two beatable opponents coming to their home in the next two weeks. This week pits the Bolts against the Raiders – scary enough without it being Halloween. Then they welcome the Saints to town.

Both teams provide challenges on different levels, but playoff teams overcome whatever adversity is sent their way.

Brees continually referred to "being right where they want to be" but at 4-3 they are one defeat away from .500 in a league that only allows six playoff teams.

"We want to go into that bye week after rattling off a couple of wins," Brees added. "We are in the spot we want to be. We have a two game stretch at home."

The Chargers are a half game out of tying for a playoff spot and there is no reason explaining who would win that tiebreaker just yet. A loss on Sunday and they could quickly see their playoff chances being dashed.

Going to .500 with eight games to play would require the Chargers to play .750 ball the rest of the way, taking six of the last eight. And that would only give them ten wins on the year – no guarantee to enter the playoffs.

But a win on the road in the NFL is still big, especially the back half of two straight east coast trips. They have won three of the last four games and believe they must be taken seriously.

"People are going to start looking at (us) and recognize that we're a team to contend with now," rookie offensive tackle Shane Olivea said.

That may be a stretch at this point since the competition they have beaten has an aggregate record of 11-15 and take away the 5-2 Jaguars and they have three wins over teams that are 6-13.

The team is confident after a road split and they have acquired veteran leadership in Keenan McCardell. Even in their losses, the team has played well and there is a feeling of team unity after tough games.

"Do what you have to do to help the team win," McCardell says.

And that is the key. Each game someone will have to step up and make plays. This past weekend it was Jesse Chatman taking over for LaDainian Tomlinson and a defense that stacked up well in goal line situations. Next week it may be someone else.

How much do they want it?

"We want to make a playoff push," Tomlinson said.

They can only do that if the team does its part and to use a coaches cliché, they must take one day at a time.

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