Frye's with that?

Mayor Donna Frye does not have a nice ring to it to San Diego Charger fans everywhere. The thorn in the side to San Diego Chargers every move to get a new stadium built looks like she is going to be the next Mayor of San Diego. To many a Charger fan this means the doom of our beloved San Diego Chargers, or does it?

I have never been a big supporter of Donna Frye; in fact I do not like the woman's stance on Charger issues or any of her political stances. As a Charger Fan, I have sat back and watched her vote against any and every proposal that was put up to the City Council that concerned the Chargers. She has been heated in some discussions with her dislike for the sports organization and what she considers their strong arm tactics.

First, let's get something straight:

Donna Frye is a very smart woman, and even though she has been voted in as Mayor, she is not willing to let it be known that she is the Mayor who lost the Chargers. I think she is smart enough to know that a new stadium brings Super Bowls which brings 100's of millions of dollars to San Diego.

In her post election press conference yesterday when asked about the Chargers she stated she does not want the Chargers to leave but she will not be bullied into jumping into a deal that is not right for the citizens of this city.

That is smart business. She wants to be shown the benefits for the city, ok, that is smart business also.

Frye stated that her husband is a huge Charger fan and that her first date with him was watching the San Diego Chargers vs. the Pittsburgh Steelers in 1980.

I think she is smart enough business woman to know that if the Chargers leave football in San Diego is over. The Aztecs will no longer have anywhere to play. They would not be able to afford Qualcomm. You can they say goodbye to the Holiday Bowl, and the NCAA is actually talking about putting a second bowl game in San Diego which is even more money for this city.

That would not only be political suicide but financial suicide for a city that is noted as being Enron by the sea.

There are more important things this city needs to get taken care of then building the Chargers a new stadium. The Pension fund needs to be fixed. The credit rating needs to be restored. But the Chargers plan should be in the top 10, it could become a financial boon instead of a financial burden.

In her press conference, Frye basically stated she is willing to listen to the Chargers and work with them on a new deal as long as it is financially lucrative to the city and does not tax the citizens of this city in any way shape or form. By working together, a good deal can be done and put before the citizens as long as there is backing from the counties which should lessen the burden of the City.

Only time will tell, but most Charger Fans' nightmares look like it has taken place. Donna Fry will be the next Mayor of San Diego. Let the verbal sparring begin.

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