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Come on...I realize the Bears are not a very good team right now, but 28th? Below the Cardinals? That's just not realistic. They have a good coach, an improved defense, and a new attitude. You just can't say the same thing about Arizona, except maybe the coach. It's still the same ole song and dance in the desert. Put 'em on the field together and you're having bird soup for supper that night.

John A. Oxford

The Bears may have a new attitude, coach, and defense, but they still stink. While Thomas Jones has been a nice surprise, their offense is horrible without Rex Grossman. They have just three passing TD's this season. That's two less than Drew Brees had against the Raiders last Sunday!

As for Arizona….

When are you going to give the Cardinals their due? Four of their losses were close games and against good teams. Their defense is probably one of the best in the league and their offense is starting to click. Hey doc can we get a little love in the desert? Or will you be jumping on the bandwagon when the rest of the media does...

Mike JS

I'm not going to give the Cardinals their due until the put it together consistently. Yes, they beat Seattle and New Orleans soundly, but they blew a big lead against the 49ers earlier this season, got whipped by a fading Buffalo Bills team last week, and currently hold the longest road losing streak in the NFL. I'm sure that there's a lot you can look at on the roster and get excited about, but you and I both know, as long as Bowtie Bill Bidwell owns the team, you can count on something getting screwed up.

What is it with Charger fans? The team is 5-3, in first place in the AFC West, playing VERY well offensively, much better defensively, and yet even against the RAIDERS, a team that always lures all the rats from LA down, it still took a company to buy the remaining tickets for the game to sell out. What's it gonna take for this city to get behind this team?

Joe in SD

I hate to say it Joe, but San Diego is a bad sports town. There are many people who have migrated here from other places in the country and have kept their allegiances to their former teams. There simply aren't enough diehard fans in San Diego like you would find in nearly every other city. That's why that even with the Padres in contention all season long, a key series against the Giants here in September was still not sold out and was filled with Giants fans.

I don't want to hear that tickets are too expensive because the Chargers are in the middle of the pack when it comes to ticket prices. I don't want to hear that people are staying away because they don't like the Spanoses because those people are idiots and believe in cutting off their nose and gouging their eyes to spite their faces. Simply put, San Diegans are too laid back and often times very uninformed when it comes to sports.

Dr. J,
I have been reading your rankings every week they come out the last two seasons. Your ranking are always better than the others and this year especially more accurate. I am in the Navy and reading what you write helps us from being bored to death at sea. Keep them coming.

FC 3 Charles White

Charles, I feel that I speak on behalf of many of us here in this country when I say, thank you and your fellow men and women for what you do. I'm just a regular guy with an opinion, a computer, and a lot of free time. Thanks to you, I'm able to use it all.

As always, send your mindless banter, your pet peeves, your dirty laundry somewhere else. But if you want to find the cure for all your sports woes, email me at Dr@sandiegosports.net.

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