Dr J's NFL Power Rankings: Week 9

It's a tight race for the top this week as we crown a well deserved new number one team in the NFL.

1) Pittsburgh (7-1)
Last Week: 3rd, Defeated Philadelphia 27-3
The Bus, Big Ben, Hines Ward's flap, and a staunch defense puts the Steel Curtain at the top.

2) New England (7-1)
Last week: 2nd, Defeated St. Louis 40-22
Troy Brown makes like a 60 minute man and plays on offense, defense, and special teams.

3) Philadelphia (7-1)
Last Week: 1st, Lost to Pittsburgh 27-3
When your star QB wants some space, give it to him. And that means you, loudmouth!

4) San Diego (6-3)
Last Week: 7th, Defeated New Orleans 43-17
It's not the Vikings, Colts, or Chiefs, it's the San Diego Chargers that are highest scoring team in the league (262 points through nine games).

5) Indianapolis (4-3)
Last Week: 10th, Defeated Minnesota 31-28
Peyton Manning saves the day with a quick mind and a flip of the left hand.

6) Denver (6-3)
Last week: 12th, Defeated Houston 31-13
Jake Plummer spreads the ball around and hits four different receivers for touchdowns.

7) Baltimore (5-3)
Last Week: 19th, Defeated Cleveland 27-13
Was it pass interference? Only Ray Lewis knows for sure.

8) Minnesota (5-3)
Last Week: 5th, Lost to Indianapolis 31-28
Vikings get Onterrio Smith back, but lose Randy Moss and game against the Colts.

9) Atlanta (6-2)
Last Week: 9th, Bye
The Bucs are next to ride the Michael Vick Experience.

10) NY Jets (6-2)
Last Week: 4th, Lost to Buffalo 22-17
Jets may have to be without Chad Pennington for a while.

11) Jacksonville (5-3)
Last Week: 11th, Bye
It's going to be David Garrard at QB next week against the Lions.

12) St. Louis (4-4)
Last Week: 6th, Lost to New England 40-22
Mike Martz gets a taste of his own medicine as trick plays do in the Rams.

13) Green Bay (4-4)
Last Week: 13th, Bye
Here's a toast to Brett and Deanna Favre, long may you both live.

14) NY Giants (5-3)
Last Week: 8th, Lost to Chicago 28-21
Giants aren't good enough to make the mistakes they are making and get away with them.

15) Seattle (5-3)
Last Week: 18th, Defeated San Francisco 42-27
A nice ovation for Jerry Rice in San Francisco.

16) Tampa Bay (3-5)
Last Week: 23rd, Defeated Kansas City 34-31
Brian Griese and Michael Pittman revive their careers with breakout performances.

17) Kansas City (3-5)
Last week: 15th, Lost to Tampa Bay 34-31
When your defense turns a pedestrian offense like Tampa's into a juggernaut, you've got serious problems.

18) Houston (4-4)
Last Week: 14th, Lost to Denver 31-13
Texans fail to cover receivers all day.

19) Cleveland (3-5)
Last Week: 17th, Lost to Baltimore 27-13
A horrible twist of fate at the end for the Browns.

20) Tennessee (3-5)
Last Week: 20th, Bye
This team has done it before, so don't be surprised if they have a late season run ahead of them.

21) Buffalo (3-5)
Last Week: 25th, Defeated NY Jets 22-17
Three starts for Willis McGahee, three 100-yard rushing performances.

22) Detroit (4-4)
Last Week: 16th, Lost to Washington 17-10
The team that couldn't win on the road and lose at home is just the opposite this season.

23) Cincinnati (3-5)
Last Week: 26th, Defeated Dallas 26-3
I think the Bengals called the tailor who designed the Bills uniforms. BLEECH!

24) Washington (3-5)
Last Week: 24th, Defeated Detroit 17-10
Clinton Portis shows flashes of his old self.

25) Arizona (3-5)
Last Week: 27th, Defeated Miami 24-23
Dennis Green wins career victory number 100 and the Cardinals end their road losing streak at 17.

26) Chicago (3-5)
Last Week: 28th, Defeated NY Giants 28-21
Alex Brown has four sacks and the Bears have seven as a team.

27) Oakland (3-6)
Last Week: 31st, Defeated Carolina 27-24
Kerry Collins drives Raiders 71 yards in five plays on final drive to win game.

28) Dallas (3-5)
Last week: 21st, Lost to Cincinnati 26-3
The time for Drew Henson is fast approaching.

29) New Orleans (3-5)
Last Week: 22nd, Lost to San Diego 43-17
Saints look hopeless in all aspects of the game.

30) Carolina (1-7)
Last week: 29th, Lost to Oakland 27-24
Panthers come back from 10 point deficit, but defense can't hold.

31) Miami (1-8)
Last Week: 30th, Lost to Arizona 24-23
Dave Wannstedt falls on the sword for the Dolphins.

32) San Francisco (1-7)
Last Week: 32nd, Lost to Seattle 42-27
Kevin Barlow, Fred Beasley, and Brandon Lloyd, let the meltdown begin!

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