MVP Season equals Charger wins

"In my position, I am considered the CEO," said quarterback Drew Brees. "I guess the head coach is that guy, too. I am out on the field and leading the team on offense, calling the plays, making sure I am checking plays at the line, making sure that we are out there executing the way we need to. I think when the quarterback isn't able to do that, it definitely shows on offense, and obviously there is so much more that goes into it."

If it was a board meeting of a public company, the shareholders would have to be happy.

The Chargers embrace their bye week, resting nicely with a 6-3 record and a share of the AFC West lead.

And while there are many reasons for the flip of a 4-12 team -- better offensive line, more capable receivers, a Pro Bowl caliber tight end, an improved defense -- the work of quarterback Drew Brees can't be overstated.

"It's just like any other big business out there where it's all about results," said Brees, who is having an MVP-type season with 18 touchdowns passes and only three interceptions. "Results in this business are winning and going to the playoffs and playing in the championship games. That is what I've learned. It's all about results. It's all about winning.

"Football is an absolute team game. There are so many people working together to make things work. I think as an offense we are definitely doing that."

Brees, is no longer the quarterback the Chargers are eager to rid themselves of. While prized rookie Philip Rivers rides the bench, Brees rides a hot streak which is eye-opening and jaw-dropping all at the same time.

"I always have had high expectations for us, for myself and for the team," said Brees, who's in his last year of his contract. "I am happy to see where we are, even though a lot of people did not think we would be in this position.

"It doesn't really matter what other people think. It is really a matter how we feel about ourselves and what we feel like we can accomplish. I think going into this bye week we still have a lot of work to do. We haven't accomplished anything yet."

True. Where once an 8-8 mark would have be rewarded with a parade, anything short of the playoffs would be considered a failure. It's generally believed the Chargers need to go just 4-3 over the final seven games to reach the postseason for the first time since 1995.

"Throughout my career in athletics, it's always about winning," Brees said. "You just don't go out and play; you play to win. I think you realize when you get to this level that expectations are very high. Year after year you need to produce. It's definitely about results. That's life. That's the world."

And it's the Chargers' world which has been turned upside down, thanks in no small part to Brees.

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