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Thanks to all of you who have written. I do appreciate it. I do have one question, however, where did the Raider fans go? Did you guys get your electricity disconnected again?

My compliments, but as much as I love my Bolts, if they are really #4, then the gulf up to #3 has to be pretty immense.

In your opinion, how much of this resurgence is related to their offensive line play? And if a lot, do you believe that the line is doing so by becoming filthy along the lines of the Broncos?

Andy Raymond

Thanks Andy. I think that after the top three, Pittsburgh, New England, and Philadelphia, it's a bit of a crapshoot. The Colts and Vikings each have defensive problems, the Ravens have offensive problems, the Broncos, Chargers, Giants, and Falcons are playing well, but there are some thoughts of how long it will last. Then there are the Jets, Jags, and Packers who are inconsistent. So like Curt Schilling said, "Why not us?"

The Chargers resurgence has a lot to do with their offensive line which was a big question mark going into this season and they do have a bit of a nasty streak. But until Mike Goff, Toniu Fonoti, Roman Oben, Nick Hardwick, or Shane Olivea start diving into defensive lineman‚s knees while their backs are turned, they won't even be close to being Bronco dirty.

How could you rank Kansas City above Houston? The Texans Have a better record and actually beat the Chiefs.

Rick G.
Houston, TX

Rick, this isn't based on who beat whom in Week Three. This is about who is playing well as the season progresses. The Chiefs have some obvious problems on defense but as I saw Jake Plummer carve up the Texans‚ secondary, I started wondering if the Texans weren't having the same problem. If they are going to make their push toward the playoffs, as they seemed to be doing earlier, they are going to have to start with stopping Peyton Manning and the Colts this week.

Dr. J,
I once read in about the possibility of adding a tax to hotels to help pay for the new Charger stadium. I mean, why not have the tourists pay for the new complex? They are going to be traveling to San Diego anyway, and they would not even notice the tax that is added to their rooms. Business travel as well as tourism will easily take the burden off of the San Diego residents, not to mention make the Frye ***** happy. What do you think??


Jeff, that idea is not a new one and is perhaps one of the best ones out there. I know that other cities like Baltimore and Pittsburgh have added taxes to their tourism businesses to help finance their ballparks.

And on Donna Frye, I frankly don't know what the hell the citizens of San Diego were thinking. Did anyone look at her voting record on the city counsel? She voted no on Petco Park, no on the Convention Center, and has often been the lone "no" vote on the counsel on a number of issues. She is supposed to have the backing of the labor unions. Why? If she's in office, nothing is getting built and what will those unions do for work?

The third of voters who voted for Frye have made a major mistake. If you think the San Diego's financial problems are big, wait until she takes office.

Now that Ray Lewis is gunning for Terrell Owens, do you think this might help immature millionaires to quit dancing, shut up and play ball?

Bobby "O"
Phoenix, Az.

I think it might have helped if Ray Lewis had taken care of business while Owens was doing his dance, but frankly, no. This is a different time and there are too few "old school" players in the NFL and the NBA who would take care of idiots like Owens, Deion Sanders, and Ron Artest the old fashioned way. Do you think Terrell Owens would do his dancing if Chuck Bednarik was sitting in the middle of the field waiting for him?

The one exception is in baseball where you still can't stand at the plate and watch a home run soar over the wall, because the next one won't be something that you can hit.

Damn I hate when I'm right!! The Bears win, on the road in New York, beating a team that you had ranked 8th last week while the Cardinals barely squeak by the lowly Fins. Are you gonna rank them above Arizona now???

John A. Oxford

Well John, as you can see, the answer is no. The Bears were impressive against New York, but the Cardinals game winning drive against a game Miami defense was just that much more impressive. It doesn't matter anyway. When we're talking about the 25th and 26th ranked teams and how they should be ranked, it's a little like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.

As a Saints fan, I am disappointed in your ranking of the Saints. I know that they haven't had the best of seasons but don't you think that 29th is just a little too high. I think they should be ranked at least 34th. Please review your stats and see if they should be ranked lower. Thank you for your time.


Hey Jack, the Saints are horrible. But at least you aren't a Raider fan.

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