Don't say the P-word

The word is being whispered around the league by the National media. You can't go to a water cooler at work without at least one person bringing up the P-word. It is the Chargers; co-leaders in the AFC west. This team that all the experts picked to finish last in the AFC west and again be the winners of the number one pick in the draft, the team everyone deemed the worst in football are being spoken of in the same sentence with the P-word.

Everyone from Chris Carter to Dan Marino is saying this team is a P…..ff caliber team.

A word to the wise. Don't get excited….YET. Yes, the Chargers are 6-3 and yes Drew Brees and the offense are playing lights out. Yes, this dominant defensive team is the best in the league at stopping the run and has been tormenting QB's the last few weeks. Yes, they have been excellent on special teams and have been playing all around great football.

Let us not forget the year they started out 6-1 and finished off 8-8. That year everyone mentioned the P-word. Heck, they only needed to win two games to make it and they couldn't do it. In 2001 they went 5-2 and then lost nine straight. Both teams were picked as teams that could make it to the P……ffs. None did. Fast forward to 2004, the Chargers are 6-3 going with the bye week just passing and the P-word is being mentioned again.

Am I doubter?

No, I picked this team to go 7-9 this year. I thought they would be tremendously improved over last year's team. This team, obviously, has a great chance of winning more than the seven games originally predicted. In fact, I think they can go to the P…..ffs …oops I almost did it…you almost got me to say it, but it is not going to happen. I refuse.

Let's just look at the positives and say this is a tremendously talented team that has opportunities to make the critics eat crow, like Jim Trotter of The Union Tribune did on Monday night live.

But let's not get ahead of ourselves. There are seven games left to play. Indy, Denver, and KC twice. They can play with all of them. The Chargers can even beat Denver and KC here at home.

I just do not want to jinx this team yet. I don't want to set my heart up to be broken again…

Oh, to heck with it. The Chargers look and play like a playoff team and though my heart might break, here is to looking ahead at the playoffs for the first time since 1995.

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