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What's the big story of the day in the NFL? No, not Peyton Manning's assault on the record books. No, not Ben Roethlisberger making like Dan Marino. And no, not the Philadelphia Eagles off to their best start in history, but an Eagle and a Desperate Housewife…

You wrote:

"Funny promo with Terrell Owens to start last night's MNF. And for all you prudes, it was FUNNY! Lighten up!"

In the right place at the right time, it probably would have been funny. MNF is in prime time, where CHILDREN are watching the TV. For this time slot, it was very inappropriate. You probably was drooling when Janet bared her big ol' floppy (breast) too.

Will Tagart

Will, don't presume to know anything about my reaction to Janet Jackson's "wardrobe malfunction". For the record, I was watching the Super Bowl with a group of adults and their children and nobody said much of anything. For one, it was half a second of a flash from a distance. I did a double take, thought it was a fake, and really didn't say or think much about it.

As for the MNF promo, I really didn't have a problem with it. It was a satirical look at their very popular show (which I have yet to see and I have little interest in seeing.) I'm bothered more about the reaction of people to it. Some cry racism (which is dead wrong) and some cry inappropriateness, which I can see, but I certainly don't see it as the end of the world.

This is my problem with all of this. You can apparently show someone shoot, hang, maim, drown, or kill a woman on network television, but you can't show her bare back.

Hey Dr. J,
Did you accidentally skip over 14-18 in the rankings? Each of these teams lost last week, but didn't budge in the rankings even though the teams you have 19-21 all won and have matching if not better records. I don't have a beef with Seattle (other than they should be ahead of the reeling Giants), but Tampa, KC, and Houston should all have stepped down a few notches to teams that won (and are better right now) Arizona, Chicago, and Cincy. You bumped up these three teams, but should have kept going and bumped them a few notches higher.


The 14-18th ranked teams (Giants, Seahawks, Buccaneers, and Chiefs) all lost and in a normal week, would have dropped significantly (especially the Giants since they are starting to look pathetic along the offensive line) but could I really move the Bengals, Bears, and Saints into the top half of the league simply because they won last week? It just goes to show how many mediocre to average teams there are in the NFL, and I just love it!

Just a note to say I am an Ex San Diegan, but Charger fan for life. I remember the days of Air Coryell and Fouts and crew. Just the other night I watched that awesome 1982 AFC playoff game against the Dolphins! The even better news is I am raising my three daughters to be die hard fans as well. One even had the opportunity to be a Charger girl recently. Reminder: A good fan is not fair weathered and we Charger fans have taken a beating, so it is now our time in the sun and I hope it continues to shine as brightly as it does in San Diego!


One of my clearest memories of my childhood was that fabulous game in 1982. I remember just tuning everything else out that day as I watched that game from the Charger's hot start, the Dolphins' incredible comeback, and then the back and forth that went on into the hot and humid Miami night. I still cringe now whenever I see someone wearing #80 on the sidelines these days. That number should be retired.

I am a Charger fan on the East Coast and I am curious to know if the Chargers are selling out their games, now that they are officially en fuego. I heard that the Raider fans bought quite a few tickets when they were there two weeks ago. I can't imagine why Qualcomm wouldn't sell out now when the Chargers are crushing teams at home.

Bethlehem, PA

The Chargers have sold out their next home game against Denver (Dec. 5th) but word on the street is that over 10,000 tickets remain for both the game against the Bucs and the finale against the Chiefs. I don't know what is taking Charger fans so long, but I think people started out cautiously optimistic and if they beat the Raiders this Sunday, Charger fever will really take hold on this city…and speaking of the Raiders…

I hear ya raggin on us Raiders fans....yuk it up tho. San Diego Sports....sort of an oxymoron, huh?wasn't even aware that they had any professional teams til they found a pulse this season..........look at the franchises all time records, it speaks 4 itself...

the 1 & only......john
john wilear

John, for your sake, and for ours, let us all hope that you are indeed, the one and only.

As for the overall records, I think the late George Burns put it best. "It's nice to have had a past, you just can't live in it." Of course, I can't really blame you. If I saw Al Davis and his attire all the time, I might think it was the 1970's too.

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