Dr. J's NFL Power Rankings week 11

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! And as long as you're thanking someone, be sure to send thanks to the men and women overseas across the globe serving their country.

And on another note, all those Pacers, especially Ron Artest, got exactly what they deserved.

1) Pittsburgh (9-1)
Last Week: 1st, Defeated Cincinnati 19-14
Steelers give up seven sacks, lose WR Plexico Burress for most of the game, and still find a way to win.

2) New England (9-1)
Last week: 2nd, Defeated Kansas City 27-19
Pats convert 8 of 12 on third down with Tom Brady going 7 of 9 on those attempts.

3) Philadelphia (9-1)
Last Week: 3rd, Defeated Washington 28-6
A win next Sunday will clinch the NFC East for the Eagles.

4) Indianapolis (7-3)
Last Week: 4th, Defeated Chicago 41-10
Edgerrin James and Peyton Manning put up monster numbers in just three quarters of play.

5) San Diego (7-3)
Last Week: 5th, Defeated Oakland 23-17
It wasn't pretty, but a heady Drew Brees and a gutsy LaDainian Tomlinson found a way to win like the players on good teams will do.

6) Denver (7-3)
Last week: 6th, Defeated New Orleans 34-13
Broncos jump out to a 20-0 lead and never look back.

7) Baltimore (7-3)
Last Week: 7th, Defeated Dallas 30-10
Kyle Boller looks like a pretty good QB in the making.

8) Atlanta (8-2)
Last Week: 8th, Defeated NY Giants 14-10
Michael Vick has five career 100 yard rushing games.

9) Green Bay (6-4)
Last Week: 10th, Defeated Houston 16-13
Big game and even bigger 4th quarter for Brett Favre, still the best gunslinger in the NFL.

10) Minnesota (6-4)
Last Week: 12th, Defeated Detroit 22-19
Luckily for the Vikings, the Lions couldn't make a play when they needed to.

11) Jacksonville (6-4)
Last Week: 9th, Lost to Tennessee 18-15
Jags get a taste of their own medicine as they lose a game late.

12) NY Jets (7-3)
Last Week: 13th, Defeated Cleveland 10-7
Sure they won, but is anyone in New York secure with Quincy Carter quarterbacking this team?

13) St. Louis (5-5)
Last Week: 11th, Lost to Buffalo 37-17
The ups and downs of the Rams continue.

14) Seattle (6-4)
Last Week: 15th, Defeated Miami 24-17
Michael Boulware, take a bow. You may have just saved the Seahawks season, for now anyway.

15) Tampa Bay (4-6)
Last Week: 16th, Defeated San Francisco 35-3
The Bucs hold the 49ers to 1.2 yards per play!

16) NY Giants (5-5)
Last Week: 14th, Lost to Atlanta 14-10
Eli Manning makes his debut, and I'm pretty sure that after that, there are a few NY wackos calling him a bust already.

17) Tennessee (4-6)
Last Week: 23rd, Defeated Jacksonville 18-15
Steve McNair and Titans begin three game stretch against AFC South with a big comeback.

18) Buffalo (4-6)
Last Week: 26th, Defeated St. Louis 37-17
Bills special teams break open a tight game late.

19) Houston (4-6)
Last Week: 18th, Lost to Green Bay 16-13
Texans stand tall against Green Bay in the first half, but offense bogs down in the second.

20) Cincinnati (4-6)
Last Week: 19th, Lost to Pittsburgh 19-14
Bengals play tough defense all day especially in the red zone, but ten penalties and Carson Palmer's 13th interception of the year do them in.

21) Kansas City (3-7)
Last week: 17th, Lost to New England 27-19
Last season‚s magic has officially run out.

22) Detroit (4-6)
Last Week: 22nd, Lost to Minnesota 22-19
Eddie Drummond is this season's Dante Hall.

23) Chicago (4-6)
Last Week: 20th, Lost to Indianapolis 41-10
Lowest rated offense turns the ball over four times and never is in the game.

24) Carolina (3-7)
Last week: 29th, Defeated Arizona 35-10
Kudos for John Fox for getting his team to respond when they could've just fallen apart completely.

25) Arizona (4-6)
Last Week: 21st, Lost to Carolina 35-10
Dennis Green goes with Shaun King for a spark, and gets nothing but a burnt bulb.

26) Cleveland (3-7)
Last Week: 24th, Lost to NY Jets 10-7
Browns squander opportunities to win thanks to missed FGs and poor tackling.

27) New Orleans (4-6)
Last Week: 25th, Lost to Denver 34-13
Somebody tell Aaron Brooks that sometimes it's okay to just eat the ball when you're getting sacked.

28) Washington (3-7)
Last Week: 27th, Lost to Philadelphia 28-6
Perhaps it was just too much to ask of Joe Gibbs to turn this team around so quickly.

29) Dallas (3-7)
Last week: 28th, Lost to Baltimore 30-10
Perhaps there‚s a little hope in Dallas thanks to Julius Jones and Drew Henson, just perhaps.

30) Oakland (3-7)
Last Week: 30th, Lost to San Diego 23-17
Dropped passes, dropped interceptions, the inability to keep two feet inbounds, and penalties at the worst time do in a bad team that was playing fairly well.

31) Miami (1-9)
Last Week: 31st, Lost to Seattle 24-17
Well, the Dolphins found yet another way to lose this season. At least it's fairly interesting this time.

32) San Francisco (1-9)
Last Week: 32nd, Lost to Tampa Bay 35-3
The worst thing about the 49ers? It's still going to get worse for them.

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