Random thoughts from a dangerous mind

Strong opinions are well suited for print. Not holding back – unedited, uncut and clearly irrational – makes it even finer. These are my random thoughts of the week which don't seem so random.

It would be foolish of me not to begin this piece without mentioning the shamockery that the NFL Pro Bowl is. Donnie Edwards, the leading tackler in the NFL, was left off the list. How is it possible that NFL players and coaches don't know who this guy is? Is he too nice a guy to be put on the Pro Bowl team?

Perhaps they left him off because his charity picked the wrong phrase and trumped Junior Seau – but, remember, it was all in the name of charity that Seau's foundation put in a cease and desist order.

The credentials over the last four weeks alone should have gotten him in. He sealed the victory against K.C. with a late interception. He followed that up with a 20 tackle game versus Denver in arguably the Chargers biggest game in years. He literally stole the game with an interception return for a touchdown against Tampa and added a crucial interception in the end zone against Cleveland that turned into at least a ten point swing.

Edwards said it best on Wednesday regarding not making the Pro Bowl: "Didn't the AP leave the BCS? I heard they were leaving the Pro Bowl too."

Blind. Ignorant. Just plain stupid. All words to describe those with more say than me or you.

I don't think that Steve Foley should be in the Pro Bowl as a starter but perhaps a first or second team alternate. He is, however, the MVP of the Chargers' defense. The guy has more heart, will and determination than most linebackers in the league. He has a burning desire to succeed and his energy is a catalyst for the Chargers defense. The guy never takes a play off and is a natural born leader. Gold tooth aside, what a find…

Which reminds me, I keep meaning to ask him what is with the gold tooth….

Drayton Florence is an upgrade over Sammy Davis – and that is being kind.

He may give up the big play once or twice more often than Davis, but he also makes a ton more plays. When Davis is getting beat by bigger receivers, Florence is swatting at the ball with one hand and if he misses with one hand he will try with the other.

Did you see the play he made to knock a ball away from a receiver on Sunday? He missed with his first try but wedged his hand in there to knock the ball away as he was spinning to the ground. That is the play that top flight cornerbacks make.

As raw as he was coming out of college, the big plays will continue for a little while longer. But the upside of him at cornerback is huge. And we haven't even discussed his energy.

Needless to say, I welcome back Sammy Davis this week as the Bolts prepare for the Colts – an unintended rhyme. Davis should do well in the dime role – in other words, don't kick Jamar Fletcher out of the nickel, he has been a solid addition. Davis gave it the college go (what exactly does that mean, he will fail like I did when I first went to college?) on Wednesday and there is no guarantee he will go on Sunday but having a full compliment of corners against Peyton Manning sure will be nice.

Coincidentally, Davis was limited in practice which seemed to pain his coach as Schottenheimer had thought Davis would be further along.

Or would you prefer to have Jerry Wilson in coverage?

Speaking of Jerry…I was a little shocked to see him make the All-Unwanted team second-team, compliments of Gregg Easterbook and his ‘Tuesday Morning Quarterback' column on NFL.com.

Why doesn't anyone else know he is too slow to play safety in the NFL – unless he has to cover a fellow teammate? Wilson broke up a possible interception for Donnie Edwards in the fourth quarter on Sunday.

It is hard to believe they can't find anyone better which makes it scary heading into this weekend's game against Indianapolis. Wilson helping over the top of any cornerback spells disaster.

The Chargers will target a top flight free safety in the draft this year so the experiment should be over.

It isn't an experiment? They actually re-signed him after a dismal 2003 season? Experiments don't last two years, do they?

It is amazing that management can make so many good decisions and couple it with a lousy one.

I actually like Jerry as a person. He is a leader – he just can't cover any ground and that is what is needed in San Diego.

Count me in as the leader of the Thomas Davis fan club. Two hundred thirty pounds of pure talent in a 6-fot-3 body. Now that is a safety.

"I'm definitely going to have to make a decision after the bowl game, and I'm not going to think about it right now," Davis said late last week. "I'm keeping it on the back of my mind, probably" won't make a decision before the bowl game. "It's probably 50/50 right now."

If I can make a personal plea – Thomas, how would you like to be on a team that won at least 11 games in 2004 and start as a rookie? Sound good? Ok, we have a deal…

It was funny to hear Schottenheimer call the weather "a bit chilly" on Wednesday – just days after playing in Cleveland and saying he never felt the cold. Perhaps we should all move to Cleveland where the climate is much nicer?

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