Christmas wish list

Dashing through the sun, on the way to the Chargers game.<br> Oh what fun we'll have, laughing all the way <br> To the Super Bowl, ha ha ha. <br>

While you are unwrapping your toys – and men want toys every Christmas so please no more ties and clothes unless it has a Chargers logo on it – it is also a time to remember the dreams that have come true over the past year while looking ahead to some belated gifts.

Last year we put in an early request to be competitive in 2004 and Santa came through with a truckload of competitiveness.

San Diegans were on the bad list for so long that St. Nick must have figured since our name made the good list, we should be rewarded. You know the bad kid in high school who eventually becomes a police officer and just earned detective.

Now that he has come through once, there is no reason to doubt. As usual, we start off small.

Santa we aren't greedy

  • Beat Indy

    Would you believe there are still people out there who think the San Diego Chargers aren't for real? They say we haven't beaten any elite teams. Oh Jolly One, give us this victory and we will extend the Christmas Spirit all the way into the new year.

  • Jets beat Pats

    Patron of presents, please deliver us the best gift to date. A Jets win over the Pats. Now I know you are trying to remember, ‘Is this that undercover Jets fan who says he likes the Chargers?' The answer is yes and no. I admit that green runs through the veins but this is an honest request to help the Bolts out. If they win their game, and the Pats lose (notice I didn't say Jets win), the Chargers can get a first round bye by winning the finale, which we will assume you are giving us.

  • Giants lose final two

    Nothing would be finer than having the Giants lose the final two. Kris Kringle, The reasons are many. Eli Manning is obviously on the bad list this year and it would give the Chargers a higher draft pick. And in the big scheme of things, the Chargers would be in the playoffs yet still own a higher pick in the draft than the Oakland Raiders. Now we are having a Christmas to remember.

  • Playoff wins

    Getting to the playoffs is already established and the gift that keeps on giving would be playoff wins. So Pere Noel when you are spreading the joy, let's spread it over time and give us playoff victories. A really Super gift would be a trip to Jacksonville in early February. Consider it make up for time lost.

  • Looking ahead

    While we are at it S.C., give us a free safety who can cover, a defensive end that rushes the passer, a top flight wide receiver to help build around and a left tackle that would make mamma proud. We don't mind waiting until April for this list to be completed.

  • Since we made the good list

    After eight years on the naughty list, can you pencil us in for eight on the good list? We know you have it in you to pull off such miracles. We really could rely on the man in the red suit this time around since nothing else has been working.

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