Chargers may send Rivers, Flutie to battle

Indications on Wednesday are pointing to Philip Rivers getting his first significant action at quarterback for the San Diego Chargers and not just kneeling down. It is also likely that Doug Flutie will get some in-game reps. Although head coach Marty Schottenheimer would not publicly announce his intentions, signs pointed in that direction.

Drew Brees, Doug Flutie and Philip Rivers each had their share of practice snaps on Wednesday as the team prepares to face Kansas City this weekend. While that is a normal Wednesday by all accounts, it should be noted that the snaps were spread out more evenly.

"Doug and Philip were getting some reps," starting quarterback Drew Brees confirmed.

Marty Schottenheimer had not made his final decision on who would be playing and when but he talked as if it was just a formality. He said his decision would likely come later in the week, mentioning that all the starters got in their work on Wednesday.

"Winning this football game is very important to us," the coach began. "We have to take a look at the broader picture. It is quite possible that we will rotate some people through. I don't know if I have ever been in this exact circumstance before or I am so old I can't remember what I did in those days.

"If we are able to get some players in there that haven't had much opportunity to play as we move forward into the postseason, God forbid we might have someone else get hurt, if these people get a chance to play now they will be better served and prepared. It is quite possible that we will have people that will rotate through.

"We are hopeful that this season has a couple games to go. Giving some people an opportunity to play, not at the expense of winning, we will be better served down the road. We will more than likely rotate some people through. I am going to feel a lot more comfortable putting somebody in if they have had a chance where their most recent competition is this coming Sunday.

What about momentum as the team heads into the playoffs and perhaps more importantly, continuity between the players?

"I am not concerned about rhythm," Schottenheimer said. "We are going to play on Saturday. That is a factor in this process. I haven't made a decision as to how much Drew will play, if at all. I am not inclined to make absolute decisions until I reach a point where it is a necessity.

Does that mean Philip Rivers will play?

"We may have an opportunity to see that," Schottenheimer teased.

What about veteran Doug Flutie, will he see the field?

"Doug has not played a whole lot of football of late. I am going to feel a lot more comfortable if he has had some time under center."

Even Drew Brees spoke like a man who knows he will not play a whole lot on Sunday and was accepting of that fate.

"I would like to play the whole time but I understand the situation," Brees said. "I would at least like to play a little bit.

"(Rivers and Flutie) will probably get that opportunity. It is an opportunity that they have been waiting to get. The scenario now with us wanting to get guys healthy…I am sure that is an opportunity that they want. When those guys get in to play, it will be fun watching them throw the ball around."

Lightning Quicks:

One player that will likely miss the game is Keenan McCardell. Schottenheimer did not want to put him at risk and would rather have a healthy wide receiving corps for the postseason.

"The likelihood of him playing is not real high at this juncture," Schottenheimer said.

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