Dr. J's Final Regular Season NFL Power Rankings

Happy New Year! It's playoff time so please look for my NFL Playoff Outlook articles to appear here starting this week.

1) Pittsburgh (15-1)
Last Week: 1st, Defeated Buffalo 29-24
Steelers are primed, rested, and ready.

2) New England (14-2)
Last week: 2nd, Defeated San Francisco 21-7
A 29 yard run means an extra $375K for Corey Dillon.

3) Indianapolis (12-4)
Last Week: 3rd, Lost to Denver 33-14
I can just see the Colts taking their gloves off and motioning for the Broncos to try it again…

4) San Diego (12-4)
Last Week: 4th, Defeated Kansas City 24-17
Chargers rest their trio of Pro Bowlers but still manage to dominate a game that wasn't as close as the score indicates.

5) Philadelphia (13-3)
Last Week: 6th, Lost to Cincinnati 38-10
I know the Eagles have been playing it safe, but I don't like the way they've played since they lost Terrell Owens.

6) Atlanta (11-5)
Last Week: 5th, Lost to Seattle 28-26
Michael Vick's throwing hand goes numb for a little while and so does the entire Falcon nation.

7) Green Bay (10-6)
Last Week: 9th, Defeated Chicago 31-14
Packers stay sharp and get yet another look at the Vikings.

8) Buffalo (9-7)
Last Week: 7th, Lost to Pittsburgh 29-24
A valiant late season run comes up just short for this season's best team not to make the playoffs.

9) Carolina (7-9)
Last week: 10th, Lost to New Orleans 21-18
Such a shame, just a damn shame…

10) NY Jets (10-6)
Last Week: 8th, Lost to St. Louis 32-29 in OT
Jets lose a shootout, so they use the backdoor to get into the playoffs.

11) Denver (10-6)
Last week: 11th, Defeated Indianapolis 33-14
Don't expect the same result next week, Bronco fans…

12) Baltimore (9-7)
Last Week: 12th, Defeated Miami 30-23
Someone's head has to roll, and it will probably be offensive coordinator Matt Cavanaugh.

13) Jacksonville (9-7)
Last Week: 13th, Defeated Oakland 13-6
Jags great goal line defense is for naught as they look up at the out of town scoreboard…

14) Cincinnati (8-8)
Last Week: 16th, Defeated Philadelphia 38-10
Not there yet, but it's promising…

15) St. Louis (8-8)
Last Week: 17th, Defeated NY Jets 32-29 in OT
This head scratcher of a team is in the playoffs against another head scratcher of a team, the Seahawks.

16) New Orleans (8-8)
Last Week: 19th, Defeated Carolina 21-18
Okay, but does Jim Haslett keep his job?

17) Minnesota (8-8)
Last Week: 14th, Lost to Washington 21-18
If not for a Lions' muffed extra point attempt, the Vikings would have gone 0-5 down the stretch and would have missed the playoffs entirely like they deserve…

18) Seattle (9-7)
Last Week: 20th, Defeated Atlanta 28-26
Well, well, well. I can see one team that will lose their home playoff game this weekend…

19) Kansas City (7-9)
Last week: 15th, Lost to San Diego 24-17
Chiefs now must address their defensive problems with more than just a new defensive coordinator.

20) Houston (7-9)
Last Week: 18th, Lost to Cleveland 22-14
Houston can't muster enough offense against a bad Cleveland team and miss out on .500.

21) Washington (6-10)
Last Week: 24th, Defeated Minnesota 21-18
Redskins finish with worst record in Joe Gibbs' career.

22) Dallas (6-10)
Last week: 21st, Lost to NY Giants 28-24
Cowboys end sour season on a sourer note.

23) Tennessee (5-11)
Last Week: 26th, Defeated Detroit 24-19
Now the Titans have to wonder if they will have to face the future without Steve McNair.

24) Arizona (6-10)
Last Week: 27th, Defeated Tampa Bay 12-7
Denny Green needs to put his expertise (offense) to work.

25) NY Giants (6-10)
Last Week: 30th, Defeated Dallas 28-24
Eli Manning gets his first win as a starter in the NFL.

26) Detroit (6-10)
Last Week: 25th, Lost to Tennessee 24-19
Is Joey Harrington the answer or just another question?

27) Tampa Bay (5-11)
Last Week: 22nd, Lost to Arizona 12-7
I don't think Chris Simms is going to be the starter at QB next season, just a hunch…

28) Oakland (5-11)
Last Week: 23rd, Lost to Jacksonville 13-6
The worst thing is, I don't see a direction for this team anytime soon.

29) Chicago (5-11)
Last Week: 28th, Lost to Green Bay 31-14
The Bears lost six of their final seven games by 13 points or more.

30) Miami (4-12)
Last Week: 30th, Lost to Baltimore 30-23
Dolphins finish with their first losing season since 1988.

31) Cleveland (4-12)
Last Week: 31st, Defeated Houston 22-14
With that win, the Browns will now pick 3rd overall behind San Francisco and Miami…

32) San Francisco (2-14)
Last Week: 32nd, Lost to New England 21-7
The five time Super Bowl Champion 49ers are strangely now on the clock…

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