Schottenheimer Friday press conference

San Diego Chargers' head coach Marty Schottenheimer spoke with the media on Friday, a day before their home playoff game with the New York Jets.

on his feelings leading up to Saturday's game:
"We've had a good week of preparation. The focus has been quite good, as I'm sure it has been with the Jets. We're as ready as we can be right now. Of course, tomorrow is going to be a tough football game. Most of these playoff games are tightly contested. It's going to take our very best effort, in my view, to be able to prevail. We're reasonably healthy, and we've taken this week and we've had a number of opportunities to give the players a bit of rest. We've been able to do that without compromising our preparation. It's a matter now of waiting for it to go off."

on if wide receiver Keenan McCardell will play:
"Yeah, he'll start."

on how team will deal with the expected rain:
"We'll have a plan that will involve the offense, defense and the kicking game relative to the weather. (Equipment manager:
Bobby Wick told me that they've never had rain on a Chargers game since about '92. Then he reminded me it was against the Chiefs and the Chargers won. Let's hope the Chargers win again."

on if team will wear any different equipment in event of inclement weather:
"In as much as we're on grass, they'll wear their conventional shoes. Some may put a little longer cleat in. The field has been quite good for us all year. Now it remains to be seen the extent of the rain. Certainly, the field has been covered. If we can find a little window in there tomorrow, maybe we'll be alright from a footing standpoint."

on dealing with harsh weather conditions:
"Everybody has to play in them. I remember a game some of you may remember in Kansas City. It was a night game, maybe Sunday night, between the Chargers and Chiefs. The rain got so bad then with the lightning that they actually suspended play with about a minute-and-a-half to go in the first half. That was the good news. The bad news was that when we got into the Chiefs' locker room, there was about a foot of water, or eight inches of water, on the floor of the locker room. Hey, everyone has to play in it, and we'll be prepared."

on if he ever expected to deal with inclement weather when he accepted his job:
"No, I really didn't. But we've seen about everything. Hopefully, it doesn't impact negatively on the community."

on limiting turnovers being crucial to winning the game:
"I think that is absolutely accurate. We know the importance of controlling the football and not giving it up. I think that has been one of the positives in this season is we've shown the ability to take care of the football. And it's particularly important when you get into the elements. That, along with field position, will be the two most significant factors, I would expect."

on if he expects the weather to keep the scoring down:
"I don't know that the weather will have an impact on it. It might. I think certainly the way we approached the game in Cleveland involved reducing the offense to some extent. Until you get out and find out exactly the extent of the precipitation, I think it's a little hard to predict. We'll have a plan for both contingencies."

on the Jets' offense:
"I think that offensive football team begins with the offensive line. I think they're very, very good. The center, (Kevin) Mawae, is one of the best in football. Of course, we've talked about both backs. They're both very capable. The ability to defend the run for us in this game tomorrow night has to be our first priority. That is only heightened if indeed the weather becomes inclement."

on what he'll leave the team with as kickoff approaches:
"I think it was well-said by one of our players today in the meeting. He said, ‘Why not us?' I think that's probably the thought that they left the room with. We're in the tournament, why not us?"

on the overall feeling among the players right now:
"I think it's excitement. There are going to be a lot of rapid heartbeats by a lot of people at the outset (of the game), I'm sure. We just have to keep our poise and understand it's going to be at least a 60-minute contest. We have enough veteran players on this football team that have considerable playoff experience. I feel very confident that our players will be fine in that regard."

on where players will stay tonight:
"The night before home games, we don't stay in a hotel. We stay at home. I've done that for four seasons in Cleveland, 10 seasons in Kansas City and now one season here. The results have been quite positive."

on how he told team to spend their time leading up to the game:
"What they have to do is take care of themselves this evening. Get plenty of rest, but don't stay in bed all morning tomorrow. Get some activity. Maybe it's a movie. Don't spend your day walking around in a mall somewhere. Get yourself focused on the game."

on comparisons between the Chargers' offense and the Jets' offense:
"What we've been able to do as an offensive football team is take advantage of some of the matchups that were created through the utilization of L.T. and (Antonio) Gates and certainly with Keenan (McCardell) back. I think that the Jets do it in a similar way, although while we substitute personnel sometimes to achieve that end, they generally will do it with their base people."

on the feeling of getting to the playoffs:
"What you set out at the beginning of each year to try to achieve is an opportunity to be in the tournament. Certainly in that regard, we're pleased. But we also recognize that to fulfill the objectives and goals that were established by our players in this season, we have a lot of work to do. As much as I'd like to be able to say that we'll be fine tomorrow, it's going to be a tough football game."

on the Bolts' kickoff coverage against the Chiefs last Sunday:
"We were much better, certainly, in that phase against a very talented guy. But we have to come out and do it every week. We have a couple of key people, and last week they stepped up and did it. That's the reason we were successful. That group is going to have to step up once again."

"It was our typical Friday practice," Doug Flutie added. "I guess it looked like walkthrough, but that's our tempo for two days before a game. It's like three-quarters speed. It should be mistake-free on the third day of the week. We classify it as a Friday practice even though it's Thursday. But it's that tempo where you shouldn't be making any mistakes. Everything should be sharp and crisp and no mental mistakes."

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