Senior Bowl: Chargers lock in

You could see the San Diego Chargers scouts waiting to pounce. Watching the Eagles play the Falcons on the big screen, their minds were clearly on finding the best available talent as the watched Philly pull away. There must have been glue on the chairs. That explains it.

In truth, the Chargers were biding their time and laying low for a reason. They had targeted a position that they want to upgrade and it may be shocking.

Would a lightning bolt be any other way?

Jumping to conclusions, they must have been looking at safety prospects?

Or perhaps help along the offensive line?

No, how about wide receiver?

Still drawing a blank?

The ONLY players they spoke with on the day had a common trait. They ALL played along the defensive line.

The first prospect that the Bolts targeted should bring a smile to many a face. Storming around the concourse, they met up with USC defensive tackle Shaun Cody and wrangled him into a private corner. Fifteen minutes later, they let go of the lasso.

Cody, fresh off his meeting with the Chargers, said he would love to stay in Southern California while also saying he would be happy to play anywhere.

A couple of teams have targeted Cody as an ideal fit in the 3-4 defense and most of them have been inquisitive about his weight.

At 6-foot-4, 295 pounds, Cody said "the most I have ever weighed was 300 pounds."

Cody has a nice burst off the snap, coupled with a good swim move. He has a lot of energy and brings that consistently to the table. His weight and ability to put on some extra pounds could define what team takes him. Right now it appears the left defensive end in the 3-4 is perfect for him.

His outward appearance is well defined for his weight. He does not appear to have much fat and fits his body well at his current weight.

Atiyyah Ellison, a defensive tackle out of Missouri, is another player who has a burst off the line that San Diego showed early amore for.

His best attribute is along the line where he moves through blocks laterally to make tackles. He can take on the double team effectively but sometimes gets lost when engaged.

"The one thing I can do is improve my pass rush," Emerson admitted.

At 6-foot-3, 303 pounds, he is the type of player that can eat up blockers and free up linebackers to make plays. He isn't as well defined as Cody but is bigger in the arms. His hand technique is in question but he has tremendous upside.

Last but not least, Mississippi State defensive tackle Ronald Fields sat down for a one-on-one. Fields, a first team All-SEC honoree, posted 57 tackles as a senior, including 7.5 for a loss.

Standing 6-foot-2, 305 pounds, Fields does not have the upside that the two aforementioned players possess and is considered more of a run plugger than a threat up the field. He had one sack in 46 games for the Bulldogs.

From initial appearance, Fields is compact with a stocky upper body. He is broad across the shoulders and has good chest development but is soft in the middle.

Three players – all of whom have the potential to play the same position in the Chargers' defense. With two picks in the first round, it seems Cody would be a target and if he was unattainable they would settle for Ellison or Fields as the draft moved on.

Of course, that also means each passed their initial interview session with the scouts and followed it up with solid play in front of the coaches.

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