Morrison would love to stay in San Diego

Living in San Diego and going to San Diego State were perks that linebacker Kirk Morrison has enjoyed. And he wouldn't mind it at all if he stayed in the place he calls home to play with the Chargers.

Game day was Saturday for the talented linebacker this year and every Sunday Kirk Morrison didn't leave town. He was patrolling the scene at Qualcomm and watching a 12-4 season unfold.

"They had a great year," Morrison said of the Chargers. "They have done a great job."

Morrison thanked Aztec head coach Tom Craft for giving the players a chance to not only play San Diego football but watch it as well.

"Even though I had the day off, I wanted to go out and support those guys, watch those guys and see them revitalizing the city.

"I personally know a lot of guys on the team. They had a great season."

Fans of the Chargers have been calling for Morrison to be drafted by the team for over a year now. Given his success at linebacker, it is easy to understand why.

Morrison has played in a variety of systems while with SDSU. He has experience in both the 4-3 and the 3-4. With the Chargers employing the 3-4 this past season and plans to keep that defensive scheme for the foreseeable future, Morrison would seem to be an ideal fit.

"We played it a lot the last two years and over the last three years actually we put it together and mastered it. Whatever scheme they put me in I am all for because I played it all in college."

"We played a lot of 3-4 this year because we had four great linebackers that played at the school and we had to get all four of us on the field."

Ironically, his two-plus years of exposure to the defense is more than a lot of current members of the Chargers team.

Morrison has turned his play onto the field into a winning combination off it. He was in high demand this week, including meeting with San Diego.

His popularity continues to soar and he is just fine with that.

"I hope so," he said. "A lot of teams, hopefully, like how I play on the field. I like to go out and play hard. I have been doing it for four years.

"I have started 42 consecutive games and I don't see it changing. Whatever team decides to take me, I will just keep doing what I have been doing and that is going out and making plays."

As for the questionnaires and the meetings and all that, Morrison is at ease.

"It is all a way for them to get to know you," said Morrison. "They want to see how you react to certain things."

In the end, he wants people to remember where he came from. He is a San Diego State alum that is on the cusp of his dream. Like all those who have come before him, Morrison is hoping to leave his mark in the NFL.

"I want people to know the Mountain West Conference does a great job scouting talent and we are some of the best talent around."

And if it is in San Diego, it would be all the sweeter.

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