Chargers perspective and clarity

Understanding the Chargers takes time, patience and understanding. With Doug Flutie officially out of the picture in San Diego, the Bolts will go to camp with three quarterbacks on the roster. Plus, a linebacker contemplating retirement at the end of the season, the Chargers not so sudden interest in offensive linemen and more.

Doug Flutie's departure from San Diego didn't come as a shock. Michael Lombardo pointed out that his days were numbered in a February 23 article that he actually wrote the day before Dwight was released but his editor was away and could not post it.

The only player that didn't get released on his cut list – and I admittedly helped him put Adrian Dingle on the list – took a pay cut to stay with the team. Had he not done so, Dingle would have likely made Lombardo 4-for-4.

Back to Flutie. His release has made it clear that the San Diego Chargers will not be moving Drew Brees anytime soon, unless they are blown away and get another backup quarterback in return. The buzz around Brees didn't go far past the city limits of San Diego, however, and around the league he is not seen as the next coming. With Brett Favre returning, the destinations for his departure became slim and the compensation even slimmer.

Without a major signing from the team, they will have plenty of cap space again next year and can franchise Drew Brees at will should he again perform up to Pro Bowl standards.

There has been rumors of a possible trade with San Francisco but sources from both clubs deny that any discussions have taken place.

Flutie provided the occasional spark and has been a fan favorite everywhere he has gone. Even in his departure, Flutie remained full of class, "A.J. and I still have a great relationship. There are no hard feelings … it's a mutual parting.

He will be missed by some but the path for Philip Rivers is clear. He is officially one play away from being the man in San Diego and there will be no mistaking who will come in if the need arises.

Randall Godfrey has considered retiring after the 2005 season but his decision is nowhere near set in stone. It won't be Farve-esque but will come in a timely fashion after the year.

According to his agent, Ben Dogra, it is possible that the linebacker will hang it up after this year.

"I think he could," said Dogra. "It wouldn't be a surprise. It depends on how he feels. I think he can. He will play as along as he feels (like he is playing at a high level)."

Godfrey had 70 tackles, including six stuffs behind the line and three forced fumbles in 2004 and one of the better run defenders on the team. He is slated to begin the year as a starting linebacker in the Chargers' 3-4 defense.

The Bolts continue to backup the talk regarding their offensive line and its relation to the draft.

The team had extensive talks with Khalif Barnes for the second time since the Senior Bowl and also met with Rob Petitti of Pittsburgh. Both, and it is no coincidence, have the ability to play left tackle in the NFL. With Roman Oben entering the final year of his contract, the Chargers may be looking to groom a player for a year before inserting him into the starting lineup.

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