2005 NFL Draft Chat Transcript

Tony Pauline of TFY Draft Preview stopped by the chat room at SDBoltReport.com to talk about the San Diego Chargers and the NFL Draft in April. Here is the transcript from the event:

gamelgrash: What will Cleveland do at #3? With their switch to the 3-4, I believe they need LBs desperately. If that's true, then will they drop down and target Merriman? Pick Merriman or perhaps Johnson at #3. Will they go with another position, such as WR? With so many holes, Cleveland seems to be the biggest wild card in the top 10.

TFYDRAFT: Right now it looks like the QB's will go one-and-two.

TFYDRAFT: If that is the case Cleveland could be in the catbirds seat for a team that wants to move up for one of the RB's (Arizona and Ronnie Brown). They could slide down and get Derrick Johnson. If one of the QB's fall to three that is a real possibility for them.

gamelgrash: With the rash of signings in Minnesota, what does their front office believe to be their top need right now? The obvious answer is WR (Edwards of Williams), but is it safe to make that assumption?

TFYDRAFT: yes. WR/OLB and possibly DE

gamelgrash: What do you think the odds are that Cleveland will trade down to 7 with Minn.? The logic of a move would allow Minn. to essentially guarantee one of the top two WRs and allows Cleveland to get more value in the draft by acquiring more picks to address the sieve they call a defense.

TFYDRAFT: People are forgetting there is a third highly rated WR in this draft-Williamson. The Vikings will probably stand pat at seven...or just let the time pass by!

Mondaymorningquarterback: How would you compare and contrast Williams and Edwards?

TFYDRAFT: Monday- Williams is more a slot receiver and WR/TE 'tweener. He also has much more reliable hands then Edwards- Edwards speed and ability to make plays down the field is night and day compared to Williams

RMANCIL: Do you think that teams will pass on DE with top pass rushing skills like James or Dan Cody to select space eaters like Spears?

TFYDRAFT: only a 3-4 team will pass up a Cody in favor of Spears

Mondaymorningquarterback: The Chargers have traded down, in the first round, the last 2 years. Will they trade again, in the first round, this year?

TFYDRAFT: Monday- I don't see it with a pair of first round picks. SD is really in a very good spot with both those selections

Mondaymorningquarterback: You mentioned Williamson. How does he compare to the top 2 receivers?

TFYDRAFT: Monday- Williamson is a home run threat every time he steps on the field. He ran a 4.38 at the combine and practiced JUST as fast

RMANCIL: Why do you think Spears will be a force in the N.F.L. with his lackluster college career? Is he a reach inside the top 15?

TFYDRAFT: his college career was only "lackluster" as a senior. He was outstanding as a junior. The fact is D-linemen always go early- much earlier then people originally project. Especially a guy like Spears who can play LDE in a 4-3 or be a two-gap lineman that can rush the passer

RMANCIL: Do you think DT like Hawthorne and S.Cody will jump up the draft board as a result of the weak DT/DE class that can fit into a 3-4?

TFYDRAFT: Hawthorne is tumbling and could end up in round two. Cody does not show enough to make a big move up the board. The guy moving up the board right now is Justin Tuck of Notre Dame

Mondaymorningquarterback: Pass rush, What will they do in the draft to accomplish this?

TFYDRAFT: Monday- Merriman is a decent choice or even a LB late in round one like Blackstock who can rush the passer.

chrisfleet: Pollack would be my answer.

TFYDRAFT: Chris- Pollack cannot play in a 3-4 unless he is standing up over TE

RMANCIL: How good are the top 3 corners? Compare them with other CB in past drafts.

TFYDRAFT: I hate comparisons but Jones reminds me of a better version of Philip Buchanon. Rolle a smarter version of Mike Rumpf and Rogers, Terrence Newman

Mondaymorningquarterback: Where's Mike Patterson, USC, going?

TFYDRAFT: Monday- he's also moving up boards. He could slip into the late part of round one but more than likely early in the second frame

RMANCIL: How good are the OT in this draft? Who are your top three?

TFYDRAFT: The OT class is a 2 player draft...possibly a 1.5 player draft depending on how quickly Barnes produces on the field

TFYDRAFT: Quick correction- Jammal Brown is my third OT- slipped my mind

diehardsdchargerfan: TYFDraft - If we go with DE with our 1st pick, who do u think we should take with our 2nd pick?

TFYDRAFT: diehard- OLB Darryl Blackstock, possibly a WR is Clayton falls. Maybe a tackle if Brown is there..

Mondaymorningquarterback: What's going to happen to Elton Brown. He could open up holes for LT, that Goff just doesn't open?

EastCoastJoe: Tony, can I put you out on a limb and ask if there are any trade scenario involving san diego on draft day??

TFYDRAFT: EastCoastJoe- not in the first two rounds.

RMANCIL: Which DE/OLB do you like better based on play and then on potential? Merriman ,Dan Cody, Roth ,Pollack?

TFYDRAFT: Play- Cody. Potential- Merriman

chrisfleet: Whats your opinion of Vincent Jackson. I like his potential. Will he do well at the next level?

TFYDRAFT: chris- Jackson is a bit overrated now because everyone fell in love with his forty time at the combine but he does not play to that speed. I think he could develop into a solid "move" tight end, though he may be a little slow out of the gate.

chrisfleet: his 10 yard time was as fast as the top WRs at the combine. I didn't think getting out of the gate would be a problem.

TFYDRAFT: Chris- I mean production wise- he'll be slow to produce out of the gate.

RMANCIL: Did you see Merriman play? Why has he risen more after the season than during?

TFYDRAFT: I watched Merriman play extensively. I would not agree he's risen more since the season ended. If there is any single reason it would be that as more teams go to a 3-4, Merriman seems to be the perfect fit.

timepiece33: Do you see Merriman as a John Abraham type athlete?

TFYDRAFT: timepiece- yes but more durable, tougher and stronger

1Artist: Where is Chris Canty in his rehab? Will he be able to workout before Virginia's Pro-Day? Where do you project him to go?

TFYDRAFT: I don't think Canty will run until April when he has his own individual pro-day. Maybe some light position drills next week. He could slide into the third round. Again- a coveted two-gap lineman

Mondaymorningquarterback: Who are the Chargers interested in on the second day of the draft?

chrisfleet: What's your opinion of Luis Castillo. Would he be a good fit at our LDE spot

TFYDRAFT: Chris- not as an LDE but possibly on the nose- though that is not a need for SD

chrisfleet: Well I still love Pollack. LOL.

nyislelover: When you are scouting a player, what do you value most in trying to project his potential as a pro? Is what you value dependent upon the player's position?

TFYDRAFT: first you look for athleticism; all things being equal the better athlete wins out 99% of the time. Then you look for basic position specific fundamentals, then of course competitiveness. Productivity is also important- if the guy looks great but makes no plays what good is he.

diehardsdchargerfan: TYFDraft - who's the best player no one is talking about?

TFYDRAFT: diehard- good question. Could be Courtney Roby. maybe James Davis of Va Tech

DenisSavage: I loved what I saw of Courtney

DenisSavage: The guy was perhaps the best receiver on the Senior Bowl field when Tony and I were there

Mondaymorningquarterback: Which inside linebackers will excel in the pros?

TFYDRAFT: MondayMorning- Odel Thurman in the right system. Ditto for Channing Crowder. Marcus Lawrence of USC could eventually be productive

nyislelover: Having lost his rookie campaign to injury, where do you see Ryon Bingham's development on the interior defensive line, both next year and further down the road?

TFYDRAFT: Bingham was a nice player out of NU, nothing too spectacular. I'd expect the same in the NFL

chrisfleet: Your opinion of Considine.

TFYDRAFT: chris- Considine is a very efficient, smart safety. Not a centerfielder with great sideline-to-sideline range but a guy perfect for a zone or two-deep system

nyislelover: How would you prioritize the Charger's draft needs (absent of best player available scenarios)?


Keefer: Would Babineaux, the explosive undersized DT from Iowa be effective as an end in the 3-4 instead of looking for a bigger college DE?

chrisfleet: He was my next guy.

TFYDRAFT: Possibly. He has the athleticism, speed and ability to make plays laterally

diehardsdchargerfan: TFYDraft - why OLB?

TFYDRAFT: diehard- An upgrade across from Foley would improve the front seven

chrisfleet: we have no pass rush DHCF

Gamelgrash: There's a lot of talk in the media every year about how a player's stock drops because of injury. However, given the nature of football (injuries are a fact of life), how high do scouts/GMs really rank the injury factor in their evaluation?

TFYDRAFT: It depends on the frequency of the injury. Erasmus James is a guy who is frequently banged up and that will hurt his stock. Kevin Burnett had one big injury but has been pretty resilient since.

DenisSavage: Who is the best pure returner in the draft?

TFYDRAFT: I would say Darren Sproles, closely followed by Lance Moore of Toledo. Craig Bragg is also very good

gamelgrash: TFY - who do you think is the most likely team drafting in the top ten to trade down?

TFYDRAFT: game- Cleveland. Tampa Bay if they feel they can get Cadillac Williams after pick nine

Mondaymorningquarterback: Which Chargers, drafted last season, will see significantly more playing time this year?

TFYDRAFT: Monday- Tough call...maybe Shaun Phillips but that is a stretch

DenisSavage: What do you think of Brodney Pool? Would he fit in our secondary?

TFYDRAFT: Denis- Pool would be a great compliment to Kiel as he is a terrific cover safety with outstanding range.

diehardsdchargerfan: TFY- What about Larry Brackins in the 4th Round?

TFYDRAFT: Die- Brackins is not as good a people are making him out to be...lots of potential but at 205-pounds and running a 4.7 he's likely a 5th/6th round gut

gamelgrash: TFY - Where do you think David Pollack would have the most success: DE in the 3-4, DE in the 4-3, OLB in the 3-4, or MLB?

TFYDRAFT: game- I think Pollack would be a good fit at DE in a 4-3 that throws a lot of zone blitzes and mixes it up with him as both a pass rusher and a guy that occasionally drops into coverage, if that makes sense to you

gamelgrash: TFY - that makes sense. There was some talk on sports radio down here in ATL about him being another Teddy Bruschi (DE converted to MLB). That was the impetus for the question. I do agree with you, but I do wonder about his weight (low)

BOLTENSEN: Rate the late first or second round receivers - Roddy White, (did Craphonso Thorpe elevate himself?)

TFYDRAFT: Denis- we had Brent at the UAB pro-day today and (White) was very mediocre. ran a 4.47 then low 4.42 and dropped a lot of passes. He is an early-to-mid second round guy that will need time to develop. Thorpe helped himself some but is not moving into the top 40

diehardsdchargerfan: TFY - What about Jerome Mathis (WR) from Hampton?

TFYDRAFT: diehard- fast as hell but needs a lot of work. I believe you asked me about Troy Williamson before....Williamson ran a 4.38 at the combine then practiced to that speed....Mathis ran a 4.31 then practiced to a 4.50- the difference in speed was amazing. Plus he dropped a lot of passes.

BlueandGoldBleeder: What do you think about Chad Owens and when do you project he will be taken?

TFYDRAFT: late; small, slow and a fifth receiver who must make his mark as a PR

55bolts: Chris Henry - will it ever click for him?

TFYDRAFT: Henry is a selfish child and a cancer...will it ever click for him? Maybe after he's drafted in the 6th round this April. You all know the story on Henry and what he told his coach?

diehardsdchargerfan: TFY - Is Chris Henry any good?

TFYDRAFT: diehard- physically he is outstanding and very natural catching the ball

timepiece33: What do you think of Pollack in a 3-4?

TFYDRAFT: timepiece- has the athleticism but strictly a guy that must stand up over TE.

Mondaymorningquarterback: Elton Brown?

TFYDRAFT: Monday- Elton Brown is sliding as we speak- he's gotten very fat and has been playing up a mysterious MCL sprain no one knows about. Cost himself a lot of money since January

SteelCitySports: TFY what you think about Tommy Manus ?

TFYDRAFT: Steelcitysports- great size and potential as a possession wide out

BlueandGoldBleeder: TFY - Who is the best kick returner in the draft?

TFYDRAFT: BlueGold- Terrance Murphy of TAMU ranks up there as does Courtney Roby

bolt38: What is the feeling on the two Mizzou kids, Attiyah Ellison and C.J. Mosley

TFYDRAFT: Ellison is a terrific athlete but slow upstairs. Mosley is explosive but must significantly improve his playing strength as he is handles at the point by one blocker

diehardsdchargerfan: TFY - Is Chris Henry any good?

TFYDRAFT: diehard- physically he is outstanding and very natural catching the ball

BlueandGoldBleeder: TFY- If you were AJ, who would you draft at 12 and 28?

TFYDRAFT: BlueGold- I'd love for Barron to be available though that won't happen. Spears is a decent fit. Merriman would also be nice.

DenisSavage: Any late round free safeties worth a look? TFYDRAFT: Denis- late round FS- Underwood of SDSU is very underrated

DenisSavage: I guess I should check him out this Saturday then...

TFYDRAFT: And yes- you should check him out

Bolty: Bill Swancut is getting a lot of play, what is his worth?

TFYDRAFT: Denis- Swancutt is falling after a terrible combine. A stretch for the first day now

Mondaymorningquarterback: What about Kirk Morrison?

TFYDRAFT: Monday- i like Morrison- showed a lot of versatility at the Senior Bowl no one thought he had.

trayg12: Late joining in guys sorry, but I had a question regarding "best athlete/player available with the Charger's first pick. Any chance that being a DB like Rolle or Packman?

TFYDRAFT: tray- unlikely. maybe Rolle only because Carlos Rogers is charging up boards

lider: Any hot rumors regarding the Bolts?

TFYDRAFT: lider- yes- they really, really like Khalif Barnes and are bringing him in for a personal interview

DenisSavage: Barrett Ruud has been seen by everyone but a scout said he was living off the past at the Senior Bowl - what is the deal?

TFYDRAFT: Denis- the deal is Ruud was a very nice but unspectacular player. Blesto and National scouting rated him as one of the best PLAYERS in the draft coming into the season....he was never more than a third round pick

Bolty: Do you like Cal product Lorenzo Alexander and does he fit outside in the 3-4

TFYDRAFT: No...does not have the speed

TFYDRAFT: okay fellows...and any ladies out there- I've got to go...getting late here in NY

DenisSavage: Thanks you sir, really appreciate it

TFYDRAFT: Hope to be back sometime soon, thanks for having me

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