Chargers' Bingham gives an injury update

Ryon Bingham, the Chargers' seventh round pick from last year's draft, is getting healthy fast. This is great news for the Chargers, as Bingham is returning to health just in time to fill the spot made available by the release of Jason Fisk.

Ryon Bingham was injured during the Chargers' preseason opener last year, a game in which he led all Chargers defensive linemen in tackles. Unfortunately, he never got the chance to carry that productivity over to the regular season. He strained his biceps muscle during that game, and the subsequent surgery shelved him for the rest of the season. However, a new season is on the horizon, and Bingham cannot wait to get at it.

"The off-season stuff is going good," Bingham said. "I'm out of rehab, pretty much, and I'm just working on getting ready for next season. My arm is not quite 100 percent yet, but it‘s getting pretty close."

While last season's injury was frustrating for him, he was at least able to learn from it. One of the things he learned is that his teammates are there to support him, as they proved to him through multiple displays of the camaraderie that carried the Chargers from worst to first during last year's magical season.

"All of the guys on the defensive line told me they understood what I was going through and to keep my head up and things like that," Bingham said.

Now that the healing process is just about complete, Bingham has turned his focus from merely making a return, to making an impact.

"My goal is just to earn some playing time and to get out on the field," Bingham said. "I just want to contribute in anyway I can."

While he was frustrated by his inability to help out on the field last season, he was encouraged by what Coach Schottenheimer had to say to him when the two met at the end of the year.

"He told me they liked what they saw of me when I was healthy, and that I just needed to keep working during the off-season," Bingham said.

So now Bingham is determined to improve his game before training camp arrives late this summer. "I need to work on both my pass rush and on my run stuffing," Bingham said. "I need to keep working at everything so I can keep getting better."

Now that his arm is finally better and he is back at work, it would seem the Chargers are set to get better right along with him.

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