Jackson has heart, size and skill

Thing big. The San Diego Chargers went for the knockout punch in the NFL Draft. After going defense in the first round, selecting two players with size and strength. They did the same thing for the offense when they tabbed Northern Colorado receiver Vincent Jackson in the second round.

At 6-foot-5 (6046), and a cut 241 pounds, Vincent Jackson is a tight end in a wide receiver body.

Jackson posted a 4.51 forty time at the Combines in February and performed well at the Senior Bowl in January. Most impressive was the shape he showed up in, sporting an Adonis physique in front of scouts and coaches.

But what is most impressive is the character he continually displays. Jackson's plans to return to business school to are one part of the equation and showing his emotion by shedding tears at his selection is just who he is.

Everything he says is heartfelt and he makes everyone feel good with simple words.

"I couldn't ask to be in a better place," Jackson said of his selection by the Chargers – and he means it.

While his personality off the field helped with his selection, his combination of size and skill cemented it.

The Chargers were enamored with his height, a fact head coach Marty Schottenheimer confirmed.

"When we began looking at tape (receivers coach) James Lofton said to me, ‘Coach, I'm not going to tell you who this is, but what would you guess his height might be?' I watched him three or four plays, watch him drop his weight and change his direction, and I said I thought he's probably 6-1 or 6-2. Well, obviously he's 6-5 and we're excited to add him to our roster."

The height was just one part of it.

They have tried in vain to get a tall receiver who can make plays. From Terry Charles to their constant foray into undrafted free agency searching for a height-ability combo.

Kassim Osgood has shown flashes of brilliance and is a keeper. Malcom Floyd was on the rise in training camp last year. But Jackson could be THE answer, particularly in the red zone.

Jackson spent his career catching touchdown passes. Perhaps it was his strong arm or that he catches the ball away from his body, reaching up to grab the ball in the air. Perhaps it was his ability to use his body as a lake for defensive backs to try and swim around.

Whatever the reason, Jackson proved his skills by snaring 21 touchdowns in 2003 and followed it up with 11 in 2004. No matter who the competition is, that is impressive.

"I use it to my advantage," Jackson said of his size. "Whether I'm getting pressed or a DB is trying to go through me to get to the ball. I'm excited to match up against the cornerbacks."

And the Chargers are too. Putting Jackson in the low post, prime scoring position, suits the newest Charger perfectly. Touchdowns are his specialty.

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