Chargers scouting report: Wesley Britt

The San Diego Chargers felt they lucked out when Wesley Britt was still on the board in the fifth round of the 2005 NFL Draft. They had fond memories of him dating back to the Senior Bowl and injuries may have dropped the talented offensive tackle prospect. When Britt heard his name called, the place erupted with cheers from friends and family.

When the call came, Wesley Britt could not have been happier.

"It was awesome," the 6-foot-8 lineman said. "The owner and the GM, the GM, called and said, 'Wesley Britt, are you watching the draft?' I said, 'Yeah, I got my eyes glued to it.' He said, 'Well, in about a minute and thirty seconds you're going to become a San Diego Charger.'

"I pointed at the screen. I was ecstatic. My friend and family were waiting on it with me. When my name popped up, my family started going crazy. I was on the phone with Coach Schottenheimer and he was like, 'Who's that in the background? Somebody's happy to be a Charger!'"

After the first rookie camp, word is he continued to impress with his hard work and agility.

Slated to play right tackle, the Bolts' hope is he pushes Shane Olivea. They don't know if he will start this year but the competition should be fantastic between the young players.

Wesley Britt School: Alabama
Ht: 6-8 Wt: 314 40: 5.31 Year: 5Sr

Bio: Moved into the starting rotation as a red-shirt freshman and awarded All-Conference honors last year as a senior.

Positives: Big, tough lineman with an excellent feel for blocking. Quickly picks up assignments, patient in pass protection, and works hard until the whistle blows. Anchors at the point, displays excellent awareness and always looking for someone to hit. Effectively uses body positioning and blocking angles to seal the edge and protect the passer. Outstanding hand technique and extends to keep defenders away. Blocks with knee bend and works to get leverage on opponents. Immediately sets up in pass protection, jolts opponents run blocking and quick in all aspects. Tough and plays while injured.

Negatives: Not overly agile and at times looks downright unathletic. Lacks adjustment, not comfortable in space, nor is he a dominant drive blocker. Suffered bone injuries in both legs as a junior, then again in the Senior Bowl last January.

Analysis: Working hard for sixty minutes and using all his assets to a maximum, Britt has been a productive left tackle on the college level the past four-years. And while some debate his ability to stay at that spot in the NFL, few question his potential as a starting blocker down the road on the strong side. Solid selection in the middle of round two.

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