Chargers scouting report: Markus Curry

There are certain similarities that the San Diego Chargers look for in a cornerback. Because they like to have a choice between playing man-to-man and zone, they prefer players who are aggressive and are not lost on an island. That explains the interest in Markus Curry and the interest was mutual.

"When I was sitting down and looking over which teams I thought were best for me, I felt San Diego was the best situation as far as that they didn't draft any corners, and looking at the personnel, guys I've seen play before," said Curry. "I felt like I could come in and contribute to the team. San Diego's pretty far from here, but it's beautiful out in California. Those were the main things I was gonna look at as far as deciding where it was I wanted to go."

Josh Turel of sees Markus Curry as a definite option to make the team:

There is only one, or at the most two, corner spots open on the Chargers.

"Markus Curry will have to battle for a job with practice squad returnee Jonathan Cox, as well as fellow undrafted free agents Abraham Elimimian and Gabe Franklin. Elimimian, at 5-foot-8 has size limitations, but has an attitude a coach would love. He's a very hard worker who plays more physical than you would think for his size, and I like his short area quickness and ball skills. The downside to Elimimian is his lack of true burner speed, plus he doesn't turn well and doesn't have that make up type second gear.

As with Kevin Millhouse last year, cornerbacks from Hawaii have a difficult time adjusting to the NFL because they'll have to play primarily man coverage and very little zone, as in college.

Gabe Franklin from Boise State is a player I like: he reads action very well, has good enough speed to play deep zone and has good break on the ball skills. The downside to Franklin is his back pedal is rather slow-developing and he's not very quick. He also has size limitations, and played against WAC opponents as did Abraham Elimimian.

Markus Curry is in the same mold of the type of cornerback the Chargers like: smaller, physical and quick. Curry certainly has his weaknesses, but if he can regain some of the form he had his junior year, he will have a decent shot at a roster spot.

I think he can beat out Elimimian and Cox, but if it comes down to only keeping five cornerbacks, Gabe Franklin would be my bet to get the spot.

A lot of Curry's chances depend on how many corners the Chargers decide to keep, and if they want to bring in any veteran corners in the offseason. Franklin and Curry have the most upside and skill of the players fighting for the open spot(s) behind the four locked in players so watch for those two.
  • Markus Curry School: Michigan
    Ht: 5-11 Wt: 181 40: 4.68 Year: 4Sr

    Bio: Two-year starter who posted 33/3/3 as a senior after a junior campaign of 49/12/2 when he was an All-Conference player.

    Positives: Tough, undersized corner best facing the quarterback. Can pedal in reverse, turn his hips and get vertical to defend the throw. Keeps the action in front of him, battles to defend the throw and helps out in run support. Runs well laterally with opponents.

    Negatives: Mentally hesitant reacting to receivers' moves off the line and does not always judge or time his defenses correctly. Slow getting his head back around to locate the ball and has difficulty in man-to-man coverage. Slow reacting to receivers' moves off the line.

    Analysis: A secondary prospect with solid size/speed numbers, Curry is best in a zone system, facing the play. Coming off a poor senior campaign, he has character issues that will be investigated, yet possesses the natural skills to be a nickel or dime back at the next level.

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