Chargers building chemistry

Minicamp is just one weekend in June that offers the fans an opportunity to see the inner-workings of the San Diego Chargers circle. But this is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. What happens the rest of the offseason?

They continue the season as if it never ended by bonding through various activities.
br> In a world that has become year round, building unity between each position has become paramount.

Every year, some teams claims to be the ones to knock the New England Patriots off their pedestal. Over the past four years, only one team can claim that title and even that percentage ratio isn't great.

In a league of copycats, there is an understanding that the closeness of the team closely relates to their ability to win. No one thought the Patriots were the most talented team, but they filled it with character throughout and that lunch pail mentality has then eating together, going out together and working together.

The Chargers are trying to translate that over to the west coast and have been successful making that transition so far.

"A lot of us hang out whether we are watching film together or at someone's house," linebacker Shaun Phillips said. "That builds team chemistry."

From the top of the organization to the bottom, the philosophy has been the same, bring in quality individuals with talent. No compromises.

The story remains the same this year. For the Chargers to take the next step in their development, the parts need to coexist as one.

The transformation is almost complete. The parts are there to make a run at a title and they are poised to run atop the AFC West for a long time if they can continue the trend.


"That is what Coach Schottenheimer talks about, ‘team'," said safety Terrence Kiel. "And he keeps preaches to us ‘team'."

So, when Toniu Fonoti returned to the team on Saturday, he asked head coach Marty Schottenheimer if he could address the team.

After all, he let them down by not arriving to a scheduled camp on time, the second year in a row he has missed out on a day of camp.

"He said, ‘can I have a chance to speak to the squad,' Schottenheimer relayed of his conversation with his starting left guard. "He stood up and apologized to his teammates and said he regretted that he was tardy and hoped they would appreciate the situation."

"I was more so concerned with the team," Fonoti said when asked about letting down the fans by not being in camp on time. "I wanted to make sure I came in for these guys."

Will Shawne Merriman be the next man to apologize?

It might be wise if he wants to continue the legacy building in San Diego.

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