Chargers Sunday minicamp

The tight ends were making most of the plays on Sunday morning, as the San Diego Chargers camp made its final appearance. Chalk part of that up to the suffocating defense and the other to a familiarity with the tight ends that goes beyond just Antonio Gates.

Few passes were sent to the wide receivers and much credit goes to the swarming defense which limited the passes to underneath routes.

Quentin Jammer progressed through the weekend and knocked away a few passes Sunday morning. Jerry Wilson batted down one of the few passes that went more than ten yards over the middle. Only one pass went thirty yards, from the arm of Phillip Rivers to Malcom Floyd and Sammy Davis was all over him.

Rivers was having a good weekend until he tried to force a ball into Reche Caldwell with three defenders in the area. The ball bounced up in the air and hit four different players before Jamar Fletcher came down with it.

On the next play, Derreck Robinson knocked down a pass. Robinson, an undrafted free agent out of Iowa, has been spectacular this weekend and definitely got noticed.

"A player can improve in all positions, all ways and all aspects, but I think, for me, I think it's more of not staying on the guy in front of me and getting rid of him a little bit faster, because I think I put a little bit too much focus on the big ol' fat boys in front of me," said Robinson. "I think it's just being a little bit more aware and getting to the ball just a little bit more quickly and getting off my man, not trying to manhandle him all the time."

The offense continued to have woes throughout the afternoon.

When Cleo Lemon entered the game, a botched snap resulted in a fumble recovery for Terrence Kiel.

The positives were mainly due to performances by tight ends Justin Peelle and Ryan Krause.

"Everything you saw out there we saw in practice (last year)," quarterback Drew Brees said of Krause. "You get him out there and it's just him out there, he's relaxed and able to turn it loose and play the game he knows he can play. I'm not surprised. We see that all the time."

But more impressive was the play of Peelle with Antonio Gates on the sidelines nursing an ankle injury.

Peelle snared a beautiful over the shoulder pass from Drew Brees, beating linebacker Donnie Edwards into the end zone, for a touchdown. He then proceeded to toss the ball to Edwards, teasing the Pro Bowl veteran.

Coming out of college, he was touted to possess soft hands in addition to his above average blocking skills. Whether he wasn't getting open enough or wasn't a part of the offense, that philosophy seems to be changing.

Lightning Quicks:

A while back we mentioned that two players failed physicals, Kelly Griffeth and Justin Burks. Neither is with the team anymore. They were replaced by tight end Landon Trusty who was formerly with Dallas and linebacker Robby Farmer who was signed after a tryout camp in San Diego.

Several undrafted free agents had their reps limited to a bare minimum this weekend and will have to make noise in other ways. They include quarterback Craig Ochs, tight end Cody McCarty, tight ends Sean Brewer and Trusty, defensive tackle Lui Fuga, running back Ahmaad Galloway, free safety Jason Leach, and defensive end Robert Pollard.

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