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The San Diego Chargers 2004 highlight film premiered on the NFL Network on Saturday night. As it neared its conclusion, I could see the concern growing in my wife's face. Sammy was clearly bracing herself for my reaction when the playoff loss came on the screen. "Don't worry," I assured her, "NFL Films puts a positive spin on everything—even the one and fifteen season."

Sure enough, the film focused on the Bolts' comeback against the Jets and finished with Gates' tying touchdown catch. It alluded to the fact that we lost the game in overtime as an afterthought.

Incidentally, I forwarded all of the inquiries Denis received about a DVD release of the film to Chargers VP Jim Steeg.

After double-checking his initial e-mail, I now realize that he was considering a run of 2,000 copies, not 200. If it comes out, please buy one. I hope I'm not going to be stuck with a bill if they sit on the shelves.

I don't suppose the DVD will contain any additional footage like Marty Schottenheimer wandering onto the field like an old man trying to get the neighborhood punks off his lawn.

However, Steve Sabol's boys did a nice job capturing footage of Schottenheimer actually looking like a motivator. His platitudes of "We're the San Diego Chargers" still seem a little corny to me, but it only matters if the players buy into it.

It was refreshing to see him give the "Not in our house" speech as he addressed the team before the home opener against the Jets. Of course, it didn't help that day, but the Bolts did mark Qualcomm Stadium as their territory by winning every home game after that.

The film even showed Quentin Jammer's lone interception of the season, which I believe came on an overthrown pass from Brian Griese. It reminded me of one of Terrance Shaw's precious picks. Basically, he never actually made a play on a ball and the only way he'd get an interception would be if the ball was thrown right at him.

Remember before last season began when QJ actually spoke of breaking the single-season record for interceptions? Jammer's concern was that opposing quarterbacks would avoid throwing to his side of the field and that his interception total would suffer.

Oh, the lonely life of a shutdown cornerback.

Are you laughing yet?

I read on the message boards linked to this very site that Jammer had Lasik surgery in the offseason so that he could pick up the ball better. I had to read 5 or 6 posts to confirm that it wasn't a joke. For his sake, I hope it helps.

Actually, for all of our sakes I hope it helps. No matter what The Organization says, Jammer won't be given any more chances to prove himself as a starter if he doesn't improve this season. A.J. Smith has beefed up the linebacking corps with the hope of improving the pass rush. But if the pass defense doesn't improve as a result, then the secondary will need to be overhauled. Jammer would be at the heart of that overhaul. Sammy Davis, drafted with significantly less hype, is also not playing like a first-round draft pick.

Right now, Drayton Florence is our best corner. Like any other player at the position, he makes mistakes, but at least he makes some plays to compensate. Maybe he and Jamar Fletcher will be "the next generation."

That's all for this week. My head is still pounding from the Santana show at The Garden Thursday night. Not only was Carlos his usual stellar self, but Los Lonely Boys, who opened, were fantastic. If you think that they're just about that "Heaven" song, you're way off. They jammed like they were the next big power trio (ie: Cream, The Hendrix Experience, Moutain, Gov't Mule), but with a nice Latin flavor. You can hear their live stuff at Of course, you can also download every Dead show that hasn't been commercially released on the same site. But if you care about that sort of thing, then you know that already. See you next week.


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