If I were a carpenter...

If you asked ten different people who Ty Law will end up playing for this season, you'd probably get ten different answers. If you asked me, I'd likely answer your question with one of my own: why not the Chargers?

I know the Chargers already have four highly-drafted corners on their roster; each is young and has shown potential. However, there comes a time when potential alone just doesn't cut it, and the clock is ticking on the Chargers' quartet of underachievers.

Ty Law is a proven performer. He has snagged 36 interceptions in his ten-year career, despite the fact that teams consistently throw away from him. He has been to four Pro Bowls and has been the face of New England's defense for a decade now.

The Chargers have the money to sign Law and are a team that can afford to take inherent risk in doing so. If Law is unable to recover from his foot injury in time to start on opening day, oh well, add an escape clause as part of the contract offer – not like a ton are pouring in for the corner anyway. The Chargers have sufficient talent to get by. On the flip side, a healthy Ty Law could be the missing link that elevates the Chargers' defense from good to fan-freaking-tastic.

With Law covering the opponents' top receiver, Quentin Jammer would see more balls thrown his way. That fact, combined with perhaps covering number-two receivers for a change, should allow him to easily surpass his career high of four interceptions in a single season.

Drayton Florence would move to the nickel, and it would be a coup for the Chargers to have a nickel-defender with his playmaking abilities. In today's pass-happy NFL, teams deploy three corners over 50 percent of the time. Sammy Davis would then move to the dime in addition to providing stellar injury insurance. Jamar Fletcher then would either become the number five corner or get cut in favor of a rookie with promise, such as Abraham Elimimian.

Ty Law could have the same effect on the Chargers' young secondary as Roman Oben and Mike Goff had on the team's young offensive line last year. All of that is just gravy though, because Law can do so much more than just improve the play of those around him.

Law has the ability to man-up on Randy Moss. He has the speed to keep up with Ashley Lelie and the intelligence to ignore Freddie Mitchell. With officials now calling pass interference penalties when cornerbacks so much look at receivers the wrong way, having a defender with elite coverage skills is now a must. Law brings all of these things and more to the table.

The only downside to signing Ty Law would be that his arrival would limit the playing time for some of the younger corners. This is a pretty minimal drawback to say the least. A.J. Smith has stated repeatedly that he wants to create depth. He desires a three-deep roster so that the ensuing competition will bring out the best in everybody. Well ask and you shall receive Mr. Smith. The time has come to take action and bring your dream to fruition.

The Chargers should sign Ty Law. They have the money to do it and that is what it is there for. Offer him a three-year deal and he will likely jump at the security provided by such an offer. He still has the skills necessary to be an elite performer, and if the Chargers can remember their pathetic attempts at pass defense from a year ago, they should realize that this is a risk worth taking.

The means, motive and opportunity are all there. Also, don't forget that the Patriots made the Chargers look like complete morons for letting Rodney Harrison go, as Harrison has been a beast ever since arriving in New England. It would a bit of sweet irony if the Chargers could make the Patriots look equally foolish by helping Ty Law resurrect his career in San Diego. This deal may never happen, but for the sake of Chargers fans worldwide, here's hoping it does.

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