Lightning Quicks: Surgeries, surprises and six?

San Diego Chargers head coach Marty Schottenheimer has been pleased with the work of his rookies through the first three days of camp. The veterans will report soon enough and that is when the fun starts.

  • Dave Ball has had three surgeries this offseason and is reportedly back at 100 percent. The plan is to use him sparingly through the first three weeks of camp as he has not had much football activity and depending on his progress the Chargers will move put more at his doorstep.

    Ball was tied with teammate Shaun Phillips for most sacks in the preseason with four last year.

  • The tentative plan is to keep five or six wide receivers on the roster this year with one likely a special teams demon.

    Ruvell Martin came off a successful NFL Europe campaign and is in the mix for that last spot. He figures to battle Malcom Floyd, another receiver who showed promise last year.

    "He does things at a quicker pace because he has more self confidence," head coach Marty Schottenheimer said in regard to Martin. "He is moving quicker.

    "It helped him being over in Europe. He has an opportunity to compete and make the squad. He has the size that we like."

  • Schottenheimer ended the talk of Luis Castillo playing the nose tackle position on Wednesday. Castillo will work exclusively at defensive end and by the way he was talked about it seemed all but certain he would be the starter when the season began.

    "I think he is the prototype for the 3-4 defensive end," said Schottenheimer. "He has the bulk to hang in there against the big offensive lines we face and at the same time enough of the quickness and rush ability to be effective in the pass rush."

  • Reche Caldwell has dropped nearly ten pounds to take the pressure off his knee. He has maintained his quickness and is close to 100 percent.
  • Schottenheimer said "it broke my heart" to see linebacker Carlos Polk get injured before the season. Schottenheimer has always enjoyed his energy on the practice field and ability to play special teams.

    Polk may not have made waves with the defense but he never complained about his role and always was up for running down the field to make a tackle on special teams.

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