Chargers camp whispers

The Candy Man may need a "miracle or two" to stay at the third position on the depth chart. The Chargers cornerback was supposed to be battling Drayton Florence for the starting spot but the renaissance of Jamar Fletcher early in camp could jeopardize Davis' standing on the depth chart.

Simply put, Jamar Fletcher had the best day of any cornerback on the roster. He was blanketing receivers, getting hands on balls and his name was being called by play-by-play man Scott Yoffe all day.

Davis and Fletcher are both former number one draft picks and although Fletcher was acquired in a trade and not taken by San Diego he is outplaying whatever competition there is.

More importantly, with the referees on hand for practice, Fletcher did not get called for his usual illegal antics and propensity to touch the receiver somewhere beyond five yards.

Fletcher tipped a pass from Drew Brees to Eric Parker that almost resulted in an interception for Bhawoh Jue. One play later, it was Fletcher again with a pass defense on a ball from Brees to Parker.

The gulf grew on the next play when Parker beat Davis on an out route and the water kept pouring through when DeQuincy Scott batted a pass by Brees that was intercepted by Florence.

  • Drew Brees had a rough day on Saturday. The Pro Bowl quarterback was frequently behind on his passes and short-arming the ball. On more than a few occasions, Brees' passes fell short of the receiver.

    Philip Rivers, however, tossed the first interception of the day. He tried to thread one into Kassim Osgood but Donnie Edwards knocked the ball into the air and Jerry Wilson came down with the pick.

    One clear difference between Brees and Rivers is the willingness of Rivers to throw into tighter quarters. Brees has perfected the Marty Ball style of offense and sometimes that can hurt him as he looks for the dump-off. Rivers, by contrast, slings the ball in with his laser release and though he has not gotten burned too often, he will surely have some interceptions happen because of it. The upside is he will also complete some bigger gains.

    Rivers did have the completion of the day, tossing a 35-yard strike to a diving Eric Parker on the left sidelines.

  • Kassim Osgood has been a receiver reborn over the first two days of camp. His route running is crisp and he is making the catches on anything thrown his way.

    Vincent Jackson, however, is still prone to the rookie mistakes as of day two. He was tossed a perfect ball by Philip Rivers and bobbled it a few times before it dropped incomplete. He also dropped a ball on a comeback route – at which point he was praised for his route running by the head coach.

    "He still has a long way to go," Brees said of the rookie second rounder. "He will tell you that himself."

  • The rule is you hand the ball to the referee before going back to the huddle. Several people forgot that rule on Saturday afternoon.

    Danny Young had the ball stripped from him after a reception by Hanik Milligan.

    After intercepting the ball, Wilson had it stolen from him before he could give it to the referee by Landon Trusty. Trusty then soft tossed it to the referee only to have Florence pick it out of the air.

  • Those riding the stationary bike and doing workouts off the field included Roman Oben, Courtney Van Buren, Reche Caldwell, Ryan Krause, Ben Leber, Malcom Floyd, Dave Ball and Jamal Williams. All missed the afternoon practice and none of the above participated in the Oklahoma Drill.

    Adell Duckett also sat out and did not even ride the bike. He reportedly has a strained MCL and could miss a few weeks of action.

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