Chargers FanFest: Tomlinson wants 2,200

San Diego Chargers running back LaDainian Tomlinson made the proclamation – he wants the rushing record of 2,105 yards held by Eric Dickerson. His goal? 2,200 yards. Not only that, he sported a "Raiders suck" t-shirt – in what should be an annual FanFest tradition.

  • "I want to rush for 2,200 yards," Tomlinson told the FanFest crowd on Saturday.

    And a few linemen probed felt it was within reach. Of course, now the onus falls on them too.

    "One misconception that people say, ‘you just have to stand in front of a guy,'" left tackle Roman Oben began. "No, you have to get the running back past the line of scrimmage."

    And we all know what Tomlinson can do after that.

    Given the balanced attack that San Diego now sports, Tomlinson figures to have one advantage – they won't be able to stack the box to defend him which could open up some huge running lanes.

  • Quentin Jammer snared another interception on Saturday during one-on-one drills. In a drill that heavily favors the offense, Jammer was able to tip a ball away from receiver Eric Parker and secured the ball on the way down.

    Drayton Florence had a few more passes batted down in one-on-one drills and Gabe Franklin continues to gain notice in the race for the fifth cornerback – or first practice squad spot. He showed quick recovery skills, jolting a receiver as he tried to make a reception.

  • The last two days have brought about minor scuffles. On Saturday it was rookie linebacker Robby Farmer who got into it with a few linemen before Mike Goff quickly diffused the situation.

    While no tempers have brewed out of control, it is interesting to note that they are getting tired of facing each other on a daily basis. A day off on Sunday will help and Green Bay looms.

    Head coach Marty Schottenheimer had this piece of advice for his troops on their day off: "Enjoy some time off, take care of yourself, take care of one another, remember that every decision and choice you make has a consequence. Make sure you make the right choice because you are a San Diego Charger."

  • Mike Scifres never takes it easy. Punting with Brian Claybourn before practice started, Scifres was nailing punts that seemed to reach the top of the stadium. His hang time on the punts, ranging from 40-to-60 yards surpassed 5.00 seconds several times and according to one coach with a timer one passed the 6.00 mark.

    Claybourn's punts were more on a line drive with a hang time in the 3.70 to 4.50 range. He did nail a 60-yard punt and after a few punts began to mimic Scifres to increase his hang time. It was tough to match the impressive leg of Scifres.

    Nate Kaeding was practicing his kicks before his field goal action began. The ball was lined up on the sideline of the 15 yard line and he was attempting to shoot the narrow gap of the uprights at that sharp angle. He made one of the two attempts seen.

    When he they went into field goal duty, Kaeding pushed five through the uprights, missing two others with the furthest shot at 39-yards. He practiced 50-yard field goals with David Binn and Scifres a few minutes later and missed one of four attempts from that distance.

  • Steve Foley said it would be "hard work" that got them back to the playoffs.

    Shawne Merriman pleased the crowd with a one-liner on his goal for the season, "Get to the quarterback."

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