Chargers camp: Monday before the opener

Injuries are part of the NFL but training camp injuries can open the door for another player. In this case, however, it is a combination of injury and not reporting that has one player earning playing time in Chargers camp.

  • Landon Trusty is the newest member of the look at me club. He made several tough grabs in traffic during 7-on-7 drills, using every inch of his 6-foo-t7 frame to climb the ladder and make the receptions. One was with a cornerback draped over him and Jerry Wilson helping over the top. A great pass helped but it was Trusty who used his body to shield defenders.

    Trusty, originally with Dallas before being released in May, may be cementing himself a spot somewhere – aided because Ryan Krause is out with a foot injury and Antonio Gates has yet to sign.

    The big tight end isn't likely to be called "fast" any time soon, but he is not without promise. He performed well in blocking drills and has displayed terrific hands.

  • Greg Camarillo made a beautiful catch on a pass from Drew Brees during 11-on-11 drills. He dove out toward the sidelines and snared the pass with hands extended, keeping it off the ground. The defense, obviously peeved, was able to smack the ball out of his hands before he gave it to the referee but Nick Hardwick came to the rescue, snagging the ball in the air and running it to the ref.

  • Sammy Davis came alive in Monday's practice. It seems the day off did him wonders.

    He has had trouble through the first week of camp but was on the back hip of a few plays and even notched a batted pass.

  • Vincent Jackson didn't win many friends when he failed to give his all on an out route. He went into his break and stopped – the ball sailing wide – the spot Jackson was supposed to be.

    Receivers' coach James Lofton gave him the business, "You have to make that play. Don't hesitate in your break."

    One player who has been impressed with Jackson since he arrived is Hardwick. "I thought he was Shawne Merriman," the center quipped.

  • John Clayton of ESPN was at practice on Monday and he was clearly impressed by Darren Sproles, joining the ever-growing list of admirers.
  • Shane Olivea showed why he will be tough to dislodge on Monday. The right tackle came off a block of Shaun Phillips and pounded the second level by taking out a linebacker. His tenacious play continues to draw rave reviews, including from O-line coach Carl Mauck.

    "Just to prove people wrong and to start," Olivea said of his mindset at the beginning of each year. "That is the first thing I told coach Schottenheimer, ‘thank you for drafting me. I am starting on your team this year.' That is the confidence I had. I was going to prove people wrong. I was going to use being drafted late as a motivation. I know a lot of guys ahead of me who weren't as good as me.

    "I am going to keep proving them wrong this year as well. That is my goal this year coming into it. I had a good year but I have to re-prove myself all over again."

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