Chargers preseason notebook

Parking: Are you kidding me? Paying $17 to park after many fans threw down $100-300 for tickets alone is just insane. This is a topic that needs to be taken to the highest level. It is a $7 increase from 2004 and this was a preseason game to boot. Grab your ankles on your way in.

Done in the preseason: LaDainian Tomlinson needed one series to show why he does not need the preseason. His first and only carry of the day went 55 yards for a touchdown.

Head coach Marty Schottenheimer admitted that Tomlinson may not have another carry during the preseason.

The Turk cometh: Someone tell Jason Leach to look for the ball or at least get his hands up. Last week it was Matthew Tant who got cut when he failed to make effective blocks.

This week it could be Leach who gets cut for allowing the 75-yard bomb late in the fourth quarter to Kevin Curtis. On the same play it looked like Abraham Elimimian stopped while chasing Curtis in coverage.

It explains why they are third stringers and likely seals their fate when the Turk comes calling.

And who is the Turk? "You are talking to the Turk," said Schottenheimer. "I went through it on a number of occasions as a player and I think it is best coming from the head coach. You may not like what he has to say but at least you respect him for looking you in the eye."

Safety spot still unclear, corner not: Clinton Hart made his case for the safety spot with blanket coverage that resulted in a tipped ball that Drayton Florence picked and took back for a touchdown.

Florence proved he is the best cover corner on the team and it had nothing to do with his interception. The ball rarely went his way, which was an even better indication.

On the interception, Florence said, "They don't even really count unless you return them for a touchdown and that one counted."

Florence predicted he would intercept ten passes on the year and return four for touchdowns and he made a point when he said he never mentioned when they would occur, just that they would. One down, nine and three to go.

Speaking of corners: While Jammer talks about locating the ball in the air some of us would like to see him actually do it in a game.

One member of the front office said it was Pro Bowler Torry Holt that he was matched up against but had he even taken a gander into his eyes he would have known the ball was coming. Holt's eyes went wide with greed and anticipation but Jammer had not a clue.

It's good: The ovation began before he even kicked his first field goal. Needing some confidence, the crowd was behind their second-year kicker.

"The fans have been great, Kaeding admitted afterwards. "I can't tell you how bad I felt."

Nate Kaeding went 2-for-2 on Sunday, hitting one from 35 and another from 40 yards out.

"It was great to put the football between the posts and get that rhythm and tempo back."

Light's Out: Shawne Merriman had a somewhat successful debut. His first tackle came after Jeff Smoker fell down and Merriman was the first on him. On the very next play, Merriman was again in the backfield, tackling running back Arlen Harris five yards behind the line.

"It felt pretty good," Merriman said about getting into the backfield. "I was pretty winded. I'll see things differently every week."

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