Chargers Tomlinson one and done?

It took one carry for everyone in the stadium, including all the coaches and players on the sidelines to know that LaDainian Tomlinson is in midseason form. Say good-bye to him until Dallas.

With that said, the prospect of playing their star runner in Minnesota next week or the following week against Niners at home seems slim at best.

That one carry wasn't even supposed to happen.

"I think it was Roman (Oben) who asked Cam (Cameron) what was going to be the first play and he said, ‘We are going to throw the ball ten straight times.'

"I am thinking to myself, ‘Come on Cam. You are not going to give me at least one run?'

"Before the game Cam says to me, ‘If you had one run, I am not going to promise you anything, but if you had one run what would it be?' I told him the run – that wasn't the run – but I told him the run I wanted.

"I was thinking when they lined me up out wide I was getting to stretch my legs out. I thought Drew was going to throw the ball to me. The next play he called '55-44 Stutter' and it felt good to get my legs stretched out with the ball in my hands."

It was Michael Jordan type stretching, taking it to the house from 55 yards out. His only carry of the game.

"I told him when he came out, ‘I have good news and bad news. The good news is that was a terrific run, the bad news is you are done,'" head coach Marty Schottenheimer explained.

"You gotta love it," quarterback Drew Brees said smiling. "That was his only carry wasn't it? That is a good yard per carry average. He is fresh and ready to go."

So will he play next week or in any preseason game the rest of the way?

"If that run was any indication I would say probably not," Schottenheimer admitted.

The only thing that may put Tomlinson in the game is his desire to taste a little bit of action.

Even after his series, Tomlinson was the first player to rush onto the field and congratulate Michael Turner after his backup rolled off a 55-yarder of his own.

It is clear that Tomlinson wants nothing more than to start the season and begin it with some wins.

"Not bad for the first game playing," he said. "I wish it was the Cowboys though."

If he does not play the rest of the way, that is fine with the Pro Bowl back.

"I really get my work in during practice. Preseason games are not really where I need to get in rhythm. Obviously it helps to play some in the preseason. That was ‘some' out there today.

Funny thing is he gets about as much work in practice as he had on Sunday. When you are that good it is all you need. He is LaDainian Tomlinson after all.

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