Chargers camp: Redux

Watching your favorite Seinfeld episode over and over will bring a smile to your face. But when Chargers practice calls for a redo, it is something else entirely.

That was the theme for Tuesday's morning practice. After running through individual drills, the team was summoned by Sergeant Marty Schottenheimer.

He made a short speech and called for a redo of the individual drills. Heads sagged but each unit went about the laborious process of drills again.

"If they don't want to work, stay the hell in the locker room," Schottenheimer said. "To this point they have been excellent but today was awful."

On a day that should have been the celebration of Antonio Gates' return, it was dominated by the early practice report from the head coach.

Balls were dropped, players were standing around without regard for the play developing before them and nothing seemed crisp.

"I want them to have discussion with one another as play unfolds," Schottenheimer explained. "I want them to be involved. I want them to be able to recognize the play and whether it was executed properly."

Of the few notable performances, it was the play that didn't happen that set the precedence.

When Carl Morris beat Quentin Jammer, Drayton Florence and Jerry Wilson, he missed a beautifully thrown deep ball from Philip Rivers.

Ruvell Martin also got a step on the secondary, stepping past Abraham Elimimian but could not hold onto a deep pass from Cleo Lemon.

"Every once and a while you get one of these days where things aren't as sharp as the need to be," quarterback Drew Brees said.

One thing that was going on late in practice was a lot of trash talking by the defense. They were jawing at the offense for all their miscues and it resulted in a small skirmish between Duncan Reid and Igor Olshansky.

"Steve Foley was talking a lot, just the whole defense in general," tight end Antonio Gates said. "Making comments like, ‘we know where the ball is going now.' It was all love, and we had a good time."

Florence did have a nice play against Quinnie when he batted away a pass at the last second on a fly route.

As for Gates, he moved well and showed no signs of missing training camp.

Lightning Quicks:

Rivers also spent more time with the first team offense on Tuesday morning. Brees, in fact, sat one drill out entirely. It is likely because he won't get as many reps as the half he spent on the field versus St. Louis and the plan is to get Rivers more snaps, perhaps with the first team offense.

"Each week I would like a little bit of action," Brees said. "I understand that these young guys need a lot of reps. As long as I can start it, play a little, get on the bench, and cheer those guys on it is fine with me."

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