A conversation with Drew Brees

San Diego Chargers quarterback Drew Brees talks about the mindset of the team, Antonio Gates in the offense, Denver posing problems for the Bolts offense, and more.

Talk about the team's mindset after losing the home opener:

Drew Brees: Everybody is pissed off and feels like it is a game we should have won, an opportunity missed. Hey, life goes on and the season goes on. It adds a little fuel to the fire this week.

How much help will Antonio Gates bring to the offense:

Drew Brees: That helps a great deal. He is a big part of our offense, a big part of our team. Just another weapon. He is not only very productive but he also creates for others.

What have the Broncos done well against Gates:

Drew Brees: I don't think it is anything in particular. I don't feel that we have played our best game offensively against the Broncos the last two games. That is just more motivation. It is about time we put together an all-around solid game against them.

What is the mindset of the fans in San Diego heading into the season:

Drew Brees: Everyone is pretty jacked up. Sellout crowd the other day. Everyone is pretty pumped up.

What are your thoughts on the division with three teams losing in week one?

Drew Brees: I think we still have one of the best divisions in the league. Week one didn't show it but I am sure the rest of the season will.

Were you surprised at the Broncos getting beat so badly in week one?

Drew Brees: A little surprised. 34-10 is probably not how they saw that game ending. Just like us, we never thought it would come down to that in our game.

How do you follow a loss with a divisional road game:

Drew Brees: A divisional game, always tough. On the road in Denver, always tough. The fact that we both came off losses. Both of us are looking at the game as we have to win.

Is Champ Bailey a target if he plays?

Drew Brees: Champ Bailey is still a great player. We gameplan accordingly and go from there.

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