Chargers still miffed at loss

The San Diego Chargers have lost the first two games of the year by a combined seven points and know they have to fix the holes on offense to turnaround their season.

LaDainian Tomlinson was understandbly upset and believes teams will continue to come after them over the next few weeks.

"Until you show you can block, you can expect to see (pressure) every week," he said.

The Denver Broncos made an adjustment at halftime which resulted in the Chargers offense being stuck in neutral and oftentimes reverse.

Pressure was brought from multiple fronts and the left side of the line was overmatched with Roman Oben allowing a sack and Toniu Fonoti eventually getting pulled.

The same story of reflection filtered throughout the offense.

"We take full responsibility for protecting our quarterback and giving LaDainian Tomlinson room to run," said Oben.

But no changes are forthcoming along the offensive line. This was a unit that performed admirably in 2004 under the direction of line coach Hudson Houck. With Carl Mauck now presiding over the group, prognosticators are already saying he is in over his head.

The play of the line, however, is just one small part. When more people are crowding the line than blockers available, the team needs to find a way to come out of it with first downs. They did not do that on Sunday.

"We didn't convert a single (third down) in the second half," head coach Marty Schottenheimer noted. "When you get sacked like that you have to face a lot of third downs and very long."

Quarterback Drew Brees took some terrible sacks and made it difficult on himself and the team to come out of those situations.

He could not make the hot reads and get the ball out quickly enough to avoid the rush. Even with a defense that played up to their abilities, the offense stuttered.

"We just got outplayed," said Tomlinson. "They made great adjustments and we didn't do very well adjusting ourselves."

One person who was not as down on Brees was Denver head coach Mike Shanahan, especially the Chargers work in the first half.

"In the first half, they (San Diego) did a great job on third downs. I thought Drew Brees made a couple of throws in there that most quarterbacks don't make. One pass he had to (Antonio) Gates was unbelievable. I don't know how he got it in there with the way (Safety) Sam (Brandon) was covering him. It was just great execution."

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