Panic button a weekend away

The Chargers are eager to find something that has been difficult to locate: a victory.

They get another chance Sunday night when facing the undefeated and visiting New York Giants at Qualcomm Stadium.

What's it going to take for the AFC West's defending champion to prevail?

Is it time to raise some voices in the locker room?

"When you are dealing with grown men, it's hard to scream and yell at them," Pro Bowl running back LaDainian Tomlinson said. "Sometimes guys get in each other's face, but it's not at a point where you are screaming at guys and pointing guys out."

Still, the Chargers' patience is growing short. They were confident of building on last year's stunning success by going deep in the playoffs. Instead, they've squandered two opportunities to win, instead of spending time explaining their mistakes.

"Guys realize that we messed around for two games and dug ourselves in a hole already," Tomlinson said. "And we can't afford to dig ourselves in a deeper hole."

And Tomlinson, who must go up against the NFL's No. 2-ranked running defense on Sunday, isn't ready to panic over the disappointing start.

"When you lose, you tend to overreact a little bit," Tomlinson said. "With a couple of different plays, we could be 2-0 and sitting right here and smiling and saying everything is fine. But we're not and we're 0-2 and you have a tendency to overreact."

One area where the Chargers have more red flags than usual is along the offensive line. The Broncos blew its hinges off in the second half of last week's win, with Tomlinson repeatedly being met in the backfield by a host of defenders.

And that line is also being exposed in pass protection. With so many blitzes headed their way, the Chargers are reluctant not to keep potential receivers back to help block.

But coach Marty Schottenheimer said the unit - which could be without left guard Toniu Fonoti (hand) on Sunday - practiced well on Wednesday. He is confident it will get turned around against the Giants.

If not, maybe then someone will get emotional and raise a voice. Maybe that's what the Chargers need to resurrect their season, one that could be on a slippery slope unless the Chargers turn back the Giants on Sunday night.

"I think it's too early to panic," Tomlinson said.

But not if the Chargers stub their toe against the Giants.

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