Wins matter

Forget about the Eli Manning hoopla. If the Chargers were sitting at 2-0 we would all be calling for the head of the man who did not want to be here. But they have their own worries beyond Manning – and it begins and ends with a win.

Nothing else matters. That does not mean if the chance exists to take a free shot at Eli Manning. . .

"I don't have to sleep with Eli," running back LaDainian Tomlinson said to a chorus of laughs. "He made the decision and he has to live with that."

Down 0-2, the Chargers are single-minded in their focus. The object of affection is a win they can wraps their arms around and hug close.

A win to celebrate the new year, the new season, the quest for the playoffs, a Championship.

The team has been close but we all know how hand grenades translate to the field, the Bolts have bombed at the end.

While we all secretly, and the Chargers players are part of the group, want to see a convergence of gritting teeth and screaming banshees running down the ‘Man' ran scared from San Diego, the Chargers are desperate for a win.

Forget the kid who likely sits down when he has to take a number one. A win and the Chargers are up 1-0 on the trade.

"We want to win a football game," head coach Marty Schottenheimer said. "That is our single objective."

The defense is revved up for Manning though, right?

Slow down, take a breath.

The team has its 353 Hemi ready to go. But it is designed to stop Manning and the rest of the Giants offense.

"Right now guys are concerned about what we are doing and what we are not doing," linebacker Steve Foley admitted. "We have a problem that is a lot bigger than Eli Manning."

And that problem is the deep, dark 0-2 dilemma. A win on Sunday night puts them in the same situation as a year ago. Right now new Metallica can be heard in the background, ‘nothing else matters.'

The fans can bring the tirades and expletives but the players need one thing:

"We are trying to win some games," linebacker Donnie Edwards said. "To hell with him."

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