Chargers get respect of Monday Night Football

The world will be watching Monday night when the Chargers face the Steelers at home in another primetime affair, their second in a three week span.

The Chargers were riding a pretty good high on Monday, thanks to Sunday's shellacking of the world champion Patriots.

After a slow start which saw them lose two close games, the Chargers have regained their strut after conquests of the Giants and Patriots.

Especially the Patriots -- thanks to a 41-17 pounding.

So the question begs to be answered? Are the Chargers an elite team?

"Well, we feel that way about ourselves," said quarterback Drew Brees, who is the NFL's fourth-rated passer. "But I don't really care if we get notoriety about it or not. Because I don't really think we deserve that kind of notoriety yet."

But it's on the horizon if they can defeat the Pittsburgh Steelers on "Monday Night Football".

Brees, though, is looking for a longer winning streak then two to get the AFC West defending champions into the spotlight.

"We had a 12-4 season (in 2004), but we need to show consistency," Brees said. "We need to show we can be one of those teams that can consistently win, get on these runs, where we're winning, two, three, four, five in a row.

"Winning on the road in tough environments, I think that's when you start getting respect. We've had one great year. We're kind of on a roll right now, just with these last two games, but we have a long way to go."

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