Powder Blues season debut

The varying opinions around town lead to a debate of epic proportions when the Powder Blues are discussed in correlation to the San Diego Chargers.

Some would love to see them worn every game while others prefer the once, perhaps twice, a year showing.

The opinions range from "too soft for football" to "we should wear them all the time".

"I like the color," tight end Antonio Gates said. "It is a little different. A little change-up."

Over the last few years, the Chargers have had some terrible outings when the time is deemed to wear the blues, losing three straight at one point. They broke the hex last year with a 34-31 win over Jacksonville.

Since 1994, the Chargers have worn the custom made duds for six regular season games and are 2-4.

This will be the first chance to showcase the digs on Monday night since they lost to Oakland in 1994.

"It is going to be exciting, especially in the powder blues," said running back LaDainian Tomlinson.

Perhaps the hype of fashion had made them jittery in the past but this is the new squad, which has backing from the alumni that hand out awards each week to the players.

Those Chargers from the past wore the Baby Blues with pride, if for a shorter period than most realize.

While it seems like the white-helmet/light-blue jersey/white-pants look is the defining Chargers uniform through history, it actually only had a six-season shelf life, from 1960-65.

In 1966, the Chargers ditched the white pants with a yellow-and-blue lightning stripe for yellow pants with a plain white-and-blue stripe.

The lightning bolt did not return to the pants until 1979, by which time light blue had been phased out for navy blue. The yellow pants remained until the end of the 1984 season. The lightning bolt was removed from the pants in 1988; by that time, the pants were again white. In 1992, the lightning bolt returned to the white pants, where it has remained.

"I think it is cool," said Brees. "We are recognizing the era of Chargers football that got us going."

An era that they hope will aid them win Monday's game as they redefine the way the Chargers are seen across the globe.

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