Chargers' Gates sparks talk each week

It seems each week that someone is remembering tight end Antonio Gates. Whether it is a nightmare from last year when he scorched the NFL or back in high school, they are all eager to meet him this year. While they talk during the week, few open their mouths when the weekend is up. This week, Renaldo Hill remembers.

Raider defensive back Renaldo Hill remembers San Diego tight end Antonio Gates from high school... but not necessarily as a football player.

"He's been an athlete since his days in high school, and was the big basketball star in the state of Michigan," Hill said. "It didn't work out (at Michigan State) with the coaches with him playing basketball and football, so we kind of lost the guy. But we knew he was talented."

Gates eventually transferred to Kent State, where he played basketball and not a lick of football.

"He was definitely a better basketball player (then)," Hill said. "He was known all across the state for basketball. I think (then Michigan State coach Nick) Saban was going to move Antonio to linebacker. That might have been a mistake right there. Somebody finally got him in the right position.

"He's a good friend of mine. I look forward to going out there and challenging him. It will take me back to my high school days."

Hill isn't in Kansas anymore and Toto won't be coming along for this ride. High school and now are two different topics and Hill will be in for a surprise if he thinks he is facing the same player.

Every week, one defender thinks he will be the one to stop Gates and each week Gates finds a way to defy those claims.

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